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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Better Know A Blogger

Here are all the featured Better Know A Blogger Q & A's from the Ultimate Reviewers Challenge - past & present:

Bella - Obsessed!
Petty - Pen and Paper
Aly - Fantasy 4 Eva
Caitlin - The Scarrlet Reader
Jen - What's On The Bookshelf
Julie - My 5 Monkey's
Stella - Ex Libris
Tawania Wicked Readings by Tawania
Jennifer - Reading With Tequila
Elin - The Norwegian Book Girl
Marlene - Book Lover and Procrastinator
Jamie - bookmarked
Arena -The Nerds Wife
Chase - The Bibliophiles Lounge
Danielle - Every Last Page
Jenny - Supernatural Snark

February 2011 URC:

Kate - I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read
Julie - My 5 Monkey's
Stacy - Urban Fantasy Investigations
Day - The Paperback Dolls
Desilula - Tween reviewer for The Paperback Dolls
Missie - The Unread Reader
Smash/Ash - Smash Attack Reads
Alisha - My Need to Read
Cialina -
Danielle - Lush Book Reviews
Becky - Bibliognome
Ashley - Bookaholic Does Blogging
Logan E Turner
Barbara - Basia's Books
Jonesy & Bex - Aurelia
Aten Ra - Just Another Book Blog
Darkeva's Blog
Flo & Mary - Book Nerds Across America
Chelsea - Vampire Book Club
Emily - What Book Is That?
La Toya - Lazy Girl Reads
Noa - Paperback Dolls
Patricia - Patricias Particularity
Tiger - All Consuming Book's

August 2011 URC:

Ann - Annabell's Book Nook
Jackie - My Ever Expanding Library
Bonnie - Hands and Home
Kelsey - Kelsey's Book Corner
Brooke - Brooke Reports
Hannah - Once Upon A Time
Melissa - Mel's Books
Becky - Book Bite Reviews
Lisa - The Garden of Books
Angel - Mermaid Vision Books
Amanda - Hippies, Beauty and Books Oh My!
Aimee - Coffee table Reviews
Jen - What's on the Bookshelf
Ashley - Ashley Suzanne
Becky - Bibliognome
Mel - He Followed Me Home
Jade - Ink Scratchers
Leslie - Working for the Mandroid
Andra - Unabridged Andra
Shanyn - Chick Loves Lit

February 2012 URC:

Teri - Dreaming Dreams no mortal ever dared
Sarah - Smitten Over Books
Julianna - The Reviews News
Celine - Nyx Book Reviews
Elena & Kendra - Novel Sounds
Krystal - Live to Read

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