For What It's Worth

Monday, March 30, 2020

The #Stayathome diaries #2

My years of reading dystopian novels have not prepared me for this.

I thought when my time came I would understand how to build alliances, topple the government but instead we’ve been asked to do this one thing.

Never before has saving humanity required so little from us…


Do nothing. Save the world.

Okay - so I know it's not quite that simple but holy shitballs people. If we would all get on board with one plan and stay home for 14-21 days we could get through this whole thing so much faster. And SAVE LIVES. Instead, this haphazard, only doing the right things after the fact and not all at once will have us here until Christmas.

Steps down from soapbox.

My new normal...

~ Kevin is working from home now and we are doing ok. He *goes to work* in the back room where his office is set up around 7am - 4 pm and only comes out for lunch. He used to text me when he was leaving work and he still does. So now, on my way means 30 seconds instead of 20 minutes lol

We seem to be handling this well so far.

~ I have never done less and eaten more. I am ALWAYS hungry. I have no idea why. Stress maybe? The thought that food might be harder to come by so my survival instincts are kicking in?

I just had lunch - a sandwich and fruit - and am counting down the minutes until I feel an appropriate amount of time has passed that I can have a donut.



The Toys the Made Us on Netflix - this is such a fun, quick, bingeable series. It's also kind of hilarious. The My Little Pony ep was my favorite. Who new the toy industry was so cut throat?  There's also The Movies that Made Us with 4 eps.

I'm Not Okay With This on Netflix - Based on the graphic novel of the same name. Coming of age, awkward romance, combined with anger issues and burgeoning superpowers makes this strange little show oddly compelling. It's not good exactly but we couldn't stop watching either.

Blow the Man Down on Amazon Prime video - Moody, graphic, with dark humor this was a really interesting spin on the small town with big secrets trope. First of all - it's told almost exclusively through women, including a group of matriarchs. It Maine coast setting and gruesome murder plot have drawn comparisons to Fargo and it definitely seems to copy that movie at first but ends up taking some really interesting turns. I loved the ending! Let me know if you've watched it. 

I'm reading The Perfect Escape by Suzanne Park (Goodreads) an adorable rom-com about an escape room that apparently based on reviews is neither a rom-com or about an escape room?? I think I have my expectations readjusted and am enjoying it so far.

My SIL and nieces sent us this and how cute is that??!!

So, how are you all doing? What are you doing/watching/reading/listening to?

What's your new normal or has been difficult for you to adjust to?


Thursday, March 26, 2020

The #StayAtHome Diaries

FOROOTP - Fear of running out of toilet paper

It's strange times people. Strange times. File this under things I never thought I would be worrying about.

I usually buy a 12 pack of toilet paper and we’re good for a few months. But now that people are freaking the fuck out and hoarding toilet paper I have found myself thinking these thoughts:

~ Do I REALLY need to pee this many times a day?

~ How few squares can I use – TMI: for the record I’m down to 3 squares.

~ Maybe I should use the How Much Toilet Paper calculator to see how long my tp will last. (apparently 40 days)

~ Resenting men who can just *shake it off*

~ Which leaves and natural options are soft and won’t cause a rash?

~ Should I start thinking about installing a DIY bidet?

~ Please God - don't let anyone ask me for a spare square. Don't put me in that position! lol

What kind of strange things have you resorted to worrying about?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Currently: March

Currently is a monthly feature hosted by In Residence

For obvious reasons, I didn’t feel like doing this month’s Currently. Then I took another look at the prompts and figured they actually resonate with what’s going on right now and decided to take it on as a challenge to find the good in all of this.

Fixing: My broken heart. Losing Fonzi while stuck at home is hard. I’m just going to move right on from this one…

Hearing: Silence. I live in a small town (pop. 3000) and only have a few places to shop or go. It was a tough adjustment at first but I’m appreciating it now with all this going on!

Nothing is ever crowded or out of stock (except that blasted TP lol) and our waterfront park is empty and peaceful so we were taking time to walk there every morning. I’m not sure if we can still go with our new Shut Down Order.

It seems like nature is quite happy with the human social isolation program. The stillness with only the sound of waves lapping, birds tweeting and seals honking is one of the most calming things. I'm noticing more things and enjoying the silence.

It helps me put things in perspective and regroup mentally.

Borrowing: Hmmmm – it’s hard to borrow anything right now. GERMS! VIRUS! DO NOT TOUCH! lol So a twist on that might be borrowing everyone’s good vibes and energy that you are all putting out there.

Feeling: Oh lordy. I’m feeling ALL the things. Grief, anger, peace, optimism, despair. I’m sure it’s a roller coaster of emotions for all of us right now. But today is better than it was yesterday so – calm for today.

Recommending: I have actually been a giant slug for the past week other than walking and playing games on Kevin’s Oculus so why don’t YOU recommend something to me! What should I binge (I have Netflix and Prime), read, watch, listen to….etc.

*Also – I’m hosting a giveaway to help support small businesses during this difficult time. I’ll be giving away a $25 Gift Card to any small business or charity of your choice. US only. It’s a win win for everyone so please enter here!