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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Better Know A Blogger: Jackie - My Ever Expanding Library

My featured Better Know A Blogger today is Jackie! We have quite a bit of fun on Twitter and with Klout :-) She also just celebrated her 2 year blogging anniversary!! Congratulations Jackie!!

Introduce yourself! Hi! I'm Jackie, a 41 year old, single mom. My day job is far from what I'd really like to be doing, so I'm happy to have my other job as my back up plan (for now): reading and reviewing. Hopefully, someday, my reading and my life plan will meld into something fantastic :)

What is the name of your blog? How did you pick your blog’s name? My blog is titled My Ever Expanding Library and I chose it because, well, my book collection just keeps growing!

How long have you been blogging? My 2nd anniversary of my book blog was this past August.

Karen: Woo-Hoo!

How do you measure blogging success? Is it strictly number of followers or something more? I think the easy answer to this one is numbers: followers, comments on posts, etc. But, for me, I feel more success in the fact that my reviews seem to grow more professional with each passing month. I enjoy seeing my own personal improvements immensely. The idea of "blogging" I think originated as a type of online journal, so when all the other numbers fail, it is that element that keeps me going.

Karen: I really love that answer. It's interesting how our blogs and reviews evolve over time.

What genres/subgenres do you review, and what do you like best about those genres? I pretty much read all genres. My frame of mind at any given time will guide what books I get into, though I will admit to maybe 50% being in the YA category. YA books tend to be lighter reads, so they make a nice change up from something dark or more intellectually challenging, like Jose Saramago, for instance. (Not to say that YA can't be complex, just maybe in varying degrees.)

What are you reading right now? Right now, I'm working my way through the Harry Dresden books by Jim Butcher (currently on Fool Moon) and The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa.

Do you use social media to promote your blog or discuss reading/blogging? I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google +, LinkedIn, Tumblr.... I have to say Goodreads and Twitter are my best sources for conversation and info about books, from all of the social media formats out there.

Where is your favorite place to read? If I ever get the chance, I grab a blanket (on a nice sunny day) and head down to the lake. Otherwise, a nice comfy chair with a cup of tea close by.

What are your ideal reading conditions? I love lazy Sunday afternoons, when nothing else needs to be done, and all is quiet in the house. This rarely happens :-p

What are the top 5 books in your TBR (To Be read) pile? Hexed by Kevin Hearne, Nightshade and Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer, Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink, and Untold Story: A Novel by Monica Ali.

Obligatory controversial question: Love triangles! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, and why? Nooooo! No more love triangles! I think they have been overdone and are seriously predictable now.

What has been the best thing about blogging and reviewing books? The best part of this whole experience has been, for me personally, allowing myself to type out my thoughts. I've never been one to journal or expose opinions/ ideas in any kind of way. I think this is a big step in learning to become a writer. Whether I actually ever take things to that level is uncertain, but at least I've made attempts in the right direction.
Also, the people I have met, worldwide, is mind blowing. For the most part, everyone is incredibly gracious and helpful. I think it's just amazing how the book blogging community can make distances seem so insignificant!

Karen: I could not agree more! I just love the fact that I now have friends in the UK, South Africa, Greece.....It would have never happened without blogging and through sharing our love of books.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in Better Know a Blogger! 

Visit My Ever Expanding Library and read Jackie's latest review for Bloodlines by Richelle Mead.


  1. I think this is awesome of you to do this. I have enjoyed going back and reading the past ones!

  2. Nice to get to know you more :)

    And I am with you, NO to live triangles

  3. @Tee - Hi! And I'm glad you stopped by to read mine :)

    @Blodeuedd - Thanks! You'll be seeing lots more of me on Twitter too, I'm sure ;) (I'm @seolmara)

    Thanks to Karen for letting me be a part of this too!