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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

tell me something tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings and discusses a wide range of topics from books to blogging.

Question: Are most of your review books for publishers or are you reviewing books of your choice?


In the past, most of my review books came from book conferences, with a lesser amount (maybe 20-30%) coming from publishers, Netgalley or author requests.

These days, I’m running low on the conference books and I'm not attending any this year so almost 90% of my reading and reviewing now is from my own TBR pile. And almost exclusively via the library.

I have another year and 1/2 on my FL library card and they have a great selection so I’m still using them for my e-books and audio. I also signed up for my local library – they have both Libby (which I’m already using and love) and Hoopla.

And I’m increasingly borrowing audiobooks! I still struggle somewhat with the format but about 50% less than I used to lol

There’s a bit of a wait for most books – anywhere from 2-6 weeks but that helps me space out my reads and switch between my TBR, an audiobook and a library e-book.

Here’s a picture of one of the statues outside my new library. They have several and one is a baby with his bare butt sticking up in the air and I find that one disturbing lol but a boy reading to his cat is perfect.

They also have a rose garden that’s almost ready to bloom and I can't wait to go back for a visit.

Where do you get most of the books you review?

Monday, May 20, 2019

My Monday Musings

I have an actual musing for My Monday Musing this week!

I’m also going to link up with 2019 Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight as a Discussion Dabbler with 1-10 posts(sign-ups are still open and the challenge runs through December 31st & did I mention there are prizes??)

I have a couple of topics in mind (but already forgot one 😜 so we’ll see).

Discussion numero uno….

Does reading YA make you a better/more empathetic parent?

I read a few YA books last week that had mothers that were really hard on their daughters.

In The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo – Xiomara’s mother uses her religion to shame her physically blossoming daughter.

In There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Moon, Sweetie's mom constantly criticizes Sweetie’s weight – outright telling her she’s not good enough for the boy who wants to date her, making her cover her body, commenting on her choices of food, despite Sweetie being confident, healthy and happy.

Both of these books broke my heart a little each time the mother would make another dig at their daughter and I thought these were great books for teens. What I really wished for though, was for parents to read them so they understand that even well meaning comments - coming from a parent - can hurt in a way that hurts so much more than from a stranger. And they also showed parents realizing the pain they were causing and being willing to try a new way of communicating.

Now, I’m not a parent, but I was a troubled teen, and I think that’s why I connect so much to teens in YA who feel like outcasts or disconnected. I remember that feeling so well and almost always see their side of things more than I relate to the parent in most books. It just hurts me to read when a parent hurts their child. Especially when it's out of love. And I think reading YA could add a new perspective - and for teens - maybe see where their parents are coming from. They aren't perfect either and it's usually out of a need to protect the child from life. Even if misguided.

*Note - I'm not talking about physical abuse here. More a judgy, controlling type of parent who thinks they're helping by *being honest* and *preparing kids for reality*.

So many adults/parents read YA now and it got me wondering if you think that reading YA makes you a better parent?

I have a lot of non-YA reading parent friends that are struggling with their teens and behave the way these book parents above did – maybe not to that extreme – but not understanding that teens do dumb things – even if you raised them with your values. So many of the things that come up aren't even on their radar. Whereas most of us have been reading YA for years - probably long before you became parents and have been exposed to all kinds of subject matter.

As we get further away from our own teenage years, we tend to expect teens to behave and act perfectly, not understanding that a.) they don’t have the hindsight we do and b.) we adults don’t exactly make great choices all the time either. lol

Of course, I understand that that you all are parents and you have to have rules, boundaries and discipline but do you think reading YA makes you understand where your kids are coming from better? Or help you know how to NOT react?

Reading, in general, has open my eyes to other experiences, especially of marginalized people, and has drastically changed my opinions and the way I interact with people and helped me empathize more.

I think this older generation is unique in our consumption of teen entertainment and I was curious reading YA has had the same effect for you – especially as it pertains to parenting.

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Friday 5!

I'm going to use my 52 Lists Project prompt again for this Friday 5


This pretty much sums up my essentials lol

But for a more formal list – here we go!


Iced Coffee

I have to have my iced coffee every single day. Rain. Shine. When it’s cold. When it’s hot.
I mix my own at home using SToK Cold Brew brand – 3/4 black with 1/4 mocha and a touch of cream.



I absolutely need animals in my life – especially Fonzi & Figgy. They brighten my every day.






I had a huge butterfly garden in Florida and I knew I loved plants but when I moved to WA with only a small patio – I realized how much I need plants.

I felt totally out of sorts and depressed until I started filling my patio with plants and going to all the spring garden festivals. Plants completely relax me in a way that nothing else does.



Another duh – I need food to survive but I LOVE discovering new restaurants and foods to try. I’m not that into cooking but I’m definitely into eating. lol

Honorable mention – Kevin hahahaha! Poor Kevin.

Take action question: Are your essentials sentimental or practical? Take some time week to reflect on how your essentials make you who you are.

Food is my only practical essential. But not really - because the way I use it in my life is more sentimental.

Not to be all *Marie Kondo bandwagon-ish* by my essentials are things that spark joy. They're in my life because they help ground me, make me happy and get me through the rough times.

What are your essentials?