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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

tell me something tuesday...

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Tell Me Something Tuesday is hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings and discusses a wide range of topics from books to blogging.

I’ve been meaning to join this feature for awhile but I’m just now getting out of a long term blogging slump and putting together a {somewhat} regular posting schedule.

I’m going to kick off my participation by answering both this and last weeks questions since I had drafted but didn’t post last Tuesday and they do seem to tie in together.

Question from 5/16
How do you keep up your blog?

Question for 5/23
What do you do when you hit a blogging wall?

The short answer is…I don’t. Or just barely. lol

December will mark my 8th year of blogging and I’ve gone from posting 7 days a week, hosting charity auctions and challenges to barely one post a month to my current level of 3 days per week.

I think most bloggers like schedules and planners and can offer brilliant insight on how to be a better blogger. I’ve learned that doesn’t work for me - I’m a pantser and I don’t fight it anymore. I’ve also learned variety is the spice of life and I blog about whatever I feel like now – instead of forcing myself to talk books when I’m in a TV, movie, food blogging kind of mood.

To break it down a bit…here’s how I read/blog


I read really fast so I can read up 5-7 books per week. Double that if they're novellas. I have started making sure I squeeze in fun reads. I’ve cut WAY down on ARC’s and I don’t review everything I read anymore. That’s what helped me get out of my epic 2 year reading slump. I accept no more than 2-3 books for review per month and those are usually from authors I’m pretty sure I’ll love and one take a chance on new to me author.

I’ve been posting a picture of my monthly TBR pile at the beginning of each month (usually about 6 books) . I don’t knock myself if I don’t stick to it but it’s helped keep me on target since my goal for 2017 is to knock down my older books TBR pile.

Including fun/non review books - I typically read up to 20 books per month.


Like I said I’m a pantser. Currently I do 3 posts per week.

Monday: Either Monday Minis – mini reviews or Monday Musings where I discuss my reading struggles or bookish news (cover reveals, netgalley finds, book mail etc).

Tuesday: - I might try to do this feature weekly or at least monthly - we'll see how it goes.

Wednesday: a full book review from my scheduled TBR pile

Friday: Friday Fast Five: A collection of things that I’ve either done for the week or things that I’m hoping to do for the weekend – like TV/movies, food, my pets…really anything that brings a smile to my face and reminds me of my One Word New Years resolution – Joy

Drafting/scheduling posts:

20170522_114815Again. Pantser!

I write everything the day before or if I’m really ambitious TWO days before lol I’ve gotten really wild and had posts ready for up to two weeks but that’s rare and honestly I’d rather be spontaneous. I know…I know…but it works for me.

I don’t keep detailed lists or charts. I keep track of my reading on Goodreads and have a post-it on my computer screen to remind me of scheduled reviews and items for Friday Fast Five.


I visit blogs to comment in the morning every or every other day – time permitting. I don’t use any of the readers. Instead I have my regulars bookmarked and run through the list and click on interesting posts links via Twitter. I try to find new blogs through comments and fold in a few new people each week. 

I answer emails and review requests 1-2 times a week. You can read my post from last year here about how I handle requests along with the form letter I use.

I’ve almost given up and closed down the blog several times during the past few years. I seem to be catching a second wind though. I think the days of posting daily are over and stats/numbers etc aren’t important in the same way as they were to me back in my heyday but I’m having fun with it now. It’s a hobby for me and I’ve learned to let go of anything that makes it more job like. Ironically – whenever I get in the IDGAF mindset – the blog does better lol I think because I’m being truer to myself and having fun and it shows.

So that’s pretty much how I blog and how I knocked down my blogger wall.

I'd love to hear what works for you!

Monday, May 22, 2017

monday musings…

Happy Monday everyone!


I don’t know if you follow me on, or use, Instgram (@teamsheltie) but I try to participate in #socksunday each week. My dog Fonzi usually joins but this week we had a photobomber and nothing went how it was supposed to. Fonzi got pushed out - books were sent flying lol Finally ended up with something decent and funny outtakes.


I’m attributing this to Figment thinking he is a delicate fucking flower! lol That boy is a handful and a half! Highest maintenance cat I’ve ever owned. He’s having dental surgery on Tuesday so please think good thoughts for my bratty boy.


download (11)I was on track with my 6 book TBR reading goal for May until I read a book for fun and it had a cliffhanger. Noooooo – so I had to pick up book #2 right away or else I could not go on! It sucked and put me in a bad mood and gah! Hate that.

Today I’m getting back to that pile and reading I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo. Sounds like just the book I need to get out of my pending slump.

Get Social!

get social event

Anna from Herding Cats & Burning Soup is hosting the Get Social Blogger Event from June 4-17th as a way to get to know other blogs/bloggers.

I know I’ve been struggling to find new ones to follow after the mass exodus of my favorite bloggers.

Sign up here!


From NOVL:
unnamed (1)Get ready for a bouquet of books, directly from us!

The May NOVLbox is curated by NOVL HQ, and it's full of spring-y, floral goodness, from dreamy romances with tulips on the cover to rose-covered school supplies perfect for your final days in the classroom.

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I’m thinking of joining in Tell Me Something Tuesday this week if I have time to draft something up for tomorrow’s question - What do you do when you hit a blogging wall?
So check back tomorrow and I may or may not have a new post
Smile with tongue out

Friday, May 19, 2017

friday fast 5…


Masters of None

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Masters of None
S2 is on Netflix now. Really cute show!




I haven’t had pizza in almost 2 years thanks to dietary restrictions (I have to eat a low acid diet) but I finally gave in. I had to compromise a but and have a ricotta cheese base instead of tomato sauce and only one slice *cries* but it was still delicious.




I had originally hoped this would be a gritty, hard hitting look at the conflicts of being a black police officer after Rebel’s unarmed brother is shot and killed by her partner (and former fuck buddy) as it heightens tensions between the police force, her family and the community. 

There is a lot of that but once Rebel leaves the force and becomes a PI, it turns more soap opera-ish and unrealistic with how easily she manages to solve a new crime a week. Even so, the overarching theme of a conflicted police force, her uneasy alliance with her former partner and Rebel’s prickly personality and great acting keeps me hooked.


Farmer’s Market

Winter and spring is peak farmer’s market season in FL. We kind of phase out once summer  heat and bugs hit.

Until then, this is my favorite time of year – berries, corn, tomatoes are in abundance and we have vendors that make fresh pasta, and baked goods. YUM! The flowers were out in full force for Mother’s Day weekend.


RIP Chris Cornell

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the passing of singer Chris Cornell.

I was very lucky to have seen an acoustic performance of Chris Cornell in May of 2012. He had to cancel an earlier performance and had rescheduled. To make up for it, he played an extra 30+ minutes. He was so incredibly kind, funny and brilliant as he shared his music, life stories and his struggles with addiction.

It was a very intimate show and a girl kept saying her BF knew all the songs and could sing – Chris kept laughing her off. But at one point he said – sure, I’ll call your bluff – get up here. He started singing Black Hole Sun and the guy was AMAZING. Chris was so blown away and stunned that he sang the whole song with this young guy. It was one of those great concert moments and I’m thankful that I got to witness it and so sorry to hear about losing yet another great talent too soon.

ICYMI – on the blog this week:

Happy TGIF everyone!

Anything I should be reading/watching/listening to/buying this weekend?