For What It's Worth

Monday, August 3, 2020

My Monday Musings

How is it August already??? Time is moving both slow and hurtling past me. It makes no sense but that’s the way it feels.

I had a staycation 2 weeks ago and it was great. We went to Cannon Beach in OR. It’s one of my favorite places out here and I haven’t been since Christmas time last year. It’s not really a lay out or swim kind of beach so it’s easy to go walking around and stay socially distanced. We took Kai and Ripley and they did great.

My farmers market is in full swing so I’m getting all the berries and veggies I can eat right now.

It’s been HOT though – almost 100 a few days, which is rare out here, but thankfully we get breaks of cooler days in between.

The puppies are growing fast! I FINALLY got them housebroken. They were the toughest dogs I have ever housebroken so it’s a huge relief and now I don’t have to invest in a paper towel company.


Reading was slooooow in July. I read 6 books. 2 stand outs, 3 I was looking forward to but were just meh and one dud.

A Sweet Mess by Jaci Lee – was just a mess and not a sweet one for me lol DNF

Finding joy by Adriana Herrera – Sweet story/romance between two men (a humanitarian aid worker and his driver) against the backdrop of Ethiopia.

The author's passion for the country, food and its people shines through on every page and she touches on the difficulties of being LGBQT there.

This was a way more low key story than I'm used to from the author and if you're looking for a gentle romance - this is it.

My one issue is that I thought Elias's (who lives as a closeted gay man in Ethiopia) story was far more interesting than Desta's (which was good - don't get me wrong) but we never got his POV.

Tiny House by Olivia DadeThe characters were super sweet, romance slow burn and the tiny home reality show search funny but I didn't love this one as much as I usually like dates Dade's books.

It was maybe too slow burn and despite the couple being life long friends, there was so much they didn't seem to know about each other.

A cute, fast read though if you like slow burn romances.

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall – This started off so fun but by hour 3 (on audio) I could barely stand listening to Luc whine anymore. Sticking with the British theme for the book – he was a wanker to everyone around him. How they managed to put up with him is beyond me.

However, his love interest Oliver, and the opposites attract/fake boyfriend part was done so well that I stuck it out. The romance itself was A+ even if I had other issues – including every supporting character being over-the-top quirky.

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates - Excellent and powerful (quick thoughts)

You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah JohnsonLoved! Favorite read of the month. (quick thoughts)


Here are a few pictures from Cannon Beach (it just got rated the #6 beach in the US!)

It’s the first time the tide has been so low and we could go exploring all the tide pools and check out the critters. And of course, we still had to wear masks and stay safe!


The rare two-headed sheltie

Ripley is chewing on a bone and Kai is chewing on her tail lol

Ripley is almost too big to do this now 

*I started an IG account for them if you'd like to follow their adventures @ripley_kai_yay

What have you all been up to? Any book, tv, movie rec's? 

I think I'll be watching the latest season of Umbrella Academy soon and getting back to my TBR cart for reading. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings and discusses a wide range of topics from books to blogging.

Question: What things make a good book for you?


~ I don’t mind flawed characters but I like them to be working towards something. Acknowledge those flaws and try to do better. 

~ Humor. I love books that make me laugh, especially in romance.

~ Books that stick to their initial point and premise. If the book starts as or is promoted as a mystery/rom com etc. – I want that to be the main element and deliver on it in the end.

~ Solid endings. I talked last week about hating open endings so, of course, solid endings – even a good epilogue makes me happy.

What are things that make a book good for you?

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Tell Me Something tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings and discusses a wide range of topics from books to blogging.

Question: What ruins a good read for you?

How much time do you have?? lol This could be a loooong list but I’m going to narrow it down to two deal breakers that will make me quit giving an author another shot.

Trust current #1 pet peeve 

Misleading covers. I hate thinking I’m getting one thing and end up with another. I’m looking at you adorable, illustrated covers that promise light, fun escapism but have barely any romance and instead have death and sorrow inside!

Don't leave me this way...a bad ending.

There is nothing I hate more than committing myself to a series for years and have the last book go in a different direction or have a sloppy ending. I rarely read series anymore because of it.

I also hate open endings. I spent many hours with these people – if I don’t know what happens there doesn’t seem to be a point to me.

Toy Story Woody GIF from Toystory GIFs

What ruins a good read for you?