For What It's Worth

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Whatever Wednesday

I’m juggling several books right now (Daisy Jones & the Six, Voting Booth on audio and Here to Stay e-arc) so until I actually finish something to review, here’s more music!

How about a few fun pandemic themed songs? šŸ¤£

Royal & the Serpent – OVERWHELMED

Theory of a Deadman - THE WORLD KEEPS SPINNING

What do you think? Any music recommendations for me?

Also...don't hate me but the new blogger. I had tried it months ago and hated it but the seem to have resolved the issues I had back then. there is a bit of a learning curve because things aren't quite as easy to find - but for how I blog, it's nicer. 

Monday, August 10, 2020

My Monday Musings…

I’ve been trying to buy my books at indie stores instead of Amazon these days and stumbled upon It’s an alternative to Audible and when you purchase an audiobook you can choose your favorite indie bookstore they split the profits.

You can find out more here and get one free audiobook. (FYI: this is referral link and I would receive one free audiobook if you subscribe for one month - but feel free to check it out from the home page if you'd like). 

I was asking Amber from Du Livre if it was better than Audible and she loves the app (as do I!) more than Audible’s and informed me about their Audiobook Listening Copy (ALC) program for educators, librarians, booksellers, reviewers and influencers. Available in US and Canada.

Each month you get to choose form a mix of new and upcoming audiobook releases. You download which books you would like to listen to during that month but can listen whenever you want once it is downloaded. They don’t really ask anything in return but provide all the links for cover photos, press info and hashtags so you can share on your blog or social media.

I love the variety of books they offer. For example in July they had Boyfriend Material, The Voting Booth, Wandering in Strange Lands, The Pull of Stars, The Only Good Indians, Notes on a Silencing, His & Hers, and All Along You Were Blooming.

This months picks are

August audiobooks,

You have to apply (it’s a very easy/quick form) & you can do that here. I found out that I was accepted by the end of the day. It’s totally worth a shot if you love audiobooks, like a little variety and want to help out indie bookstores in the process. And yay for the no deadlines (other than downloading your picks by the end of the month) or pressure to review.

I think I’m going to spotlight the books each month along with an indie bookstore.

I chose my local bookstore – Vault Books and Brew  in Castle Rock, WA for my purchases. I’ve posted a few pictures of this place before but it’s been a while so I’ll post them again. Vault Books and Brew used to a bank before becoming a bookstore and coffee shop and they converted the old safe room into a fun Narnia like play area for kids!

They just posted about new bookish masks and socks that arrived so I see a shopping trip in my future. 

If you prefer print books – check out Bookshop. Like, you can order online through Bookshop and select an indie bookstore to support. They are currently US only. I’ll be sharing some of the stores I’ve supported through them soon.

Do you have a favorite indie bookstore? 

What August audiobooks should I download? 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Whatever Wednesday

I wish had more bookish content to post right now but sadly that is so slow going for me right now.
But here’s a song that I have been listening to non stop for a few weeks.

It’s so catchy and dark but fun! And I like this simple video. What do you think?

LEMONS by Brye