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Friday, December 8, 2017

Holiday Themed Q&A Tag

Hey there! I'm poking my head back in the blogoshpere for this fun holiday tag that I saw over on Running with Words and Wine & hosted by The Blended Blog.

I've been taking some time off from reading and blogging and it's been nice. We went on an awesome trip to Asheville, NC and I've been gardening a bit. I'll post about it all soon and hopefully have a few 8 year blogoversary posts to share. But for now I'm just taking it easy.

Feel free to tag yourself with this!

  1. Real or Fake Tree? Fake and no tree at all for several years because I had 4 cats. This year I have two very small (2ft & 3ft) table top trees that I'll be decorating this weekend.
  2. Favorite Christmas Cookie? Kevin's grandmother used to make us molasses cookies for Christmas. She passed the recipe down to me and I think I'll be whipping up a batch. I did just have a Triple Chocolate Andes mint cookie from Gideon's Bakehouse in Orlando and ZOMG YUM!
  3. Home on Christmas Morning or Travel? – Home. Kevin usually works on the holidays - he's off this year - but we just stay home and chill.
  4. Clear or Colored Lights? I own clear but I love them all.
  5. Send Christmas Cards? Yes. Not as many as I used to be I do like buying and sending them.
  6. Favorite Christmas Present Received? Two things - a classic Winnie-the-Pooh musical snow globe from my sister-in-laws and a handmade, needlepoint bookmark that says - Fuck off I'm reading. lol Polar opposites but I love them both!
  7. Favorite Christmas Present Given? I can't think of anything specific but I love when I can find something small and inexpensive but personal to that person.
  8. Stockings or No Stockings? *sobs* No stockings. But I grew up with the stocking being almost as important as the main gift. My mom really went out of her way to stuff mine with fun goodies and my husband just isn't into it. He had a Christmas boot growing up. His parents put cereal and and orange in there. O_o That sounds tragic to me lol
  9. Christmas PJ’s? Yes! I have Grinch Christmas pj's. A few different ones.
  10. Favorite Christmas Carol? feliz navidad - it's so cheery. It makes me happy.
  11. Favorite Holiday Tradition? We always get up early, make hot cocoa and open our gifts with A Christmas Story playing on TV.
  12. Early Shopper or Last Minute? I'm usually done early but I don't buy tons of gifts anymore. Kevin & I do small, fun things and most of our family is into gift cards now.
  13. Favorite Christmas Movie or Show? I have a few. Santa Claus is Coming to Down is my all time favorite. I also love Olive, the Other Reindeer, A Christmas Story. 
  14. Favorite Holiday Beverage? Peppermint mocha from Starbucks.
  15. Cookies and Milk for Santa? I don't have kids so no ut maybe I should?? I mean - you never know right?
What are your holiday favorites and traditions?

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

thanksgiving dinner gone wrong

Most people have at least one Thanksgiving dinner gone wrong story. I’m lucky – at 52 years old – all my dinners have gone smoothly. Until now.

I start the day off right. It’s just my husband and I so I usually make a turkey breast. and the fixins. I bought a fancy brine and rub for my bird. I  set my timer for all the different stages (brining, roasting) so that everything will get done in time. I brine the turkey, chop all the veggies and set everything else up on the counter. Kevin is doing the dishes as we go. I’m ahead of schedule and my kitchen is spotless. I even have time for a nap!

I am killing it this Thanksgiving!


I awake from my nap, start the oven, rinse the turkey, prepare my stuffing and notice just before it goes in the oven that my turkey breast is a  – leg and wing.


Not only is that not enough for us we both HATE turkey leg and wing. And seriously! How do I not notice that I only have a turkey leg and wing and not a breast until that very last minute????


We went to Walmart and they only had frozen turkeys. Winn-Dixie had fresh turkey but they were too big and would take about 4 hours to cook. Too late for that.

So, we ended up having a lovely Thanksgiving dinner of stuffing, brussels sprouts and canned cranberry sauce lol


And this spectacular pie from Buttermilk Bakery. And with that pie do you really need anything else? I think not! I’m only a little bummed about missing out on the post T’Day turkey sandwiches – which I love more than the dinner. We had a good laugh over it though and at least I didn’t ruin a meal for dozens of guests so it ended up just being a funny story and nothing to cry over.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving (if you celebrated) or do you have any holiday kitchen disaster stories?

Friday, November 24, 2017

black friday book bonanza giveaway

black friday book bonanza 2017 300x300

I’m joining in the 7th Annual Black Friday Book Bonanza Hop, hosted by Reading Reality & The Caffeinated Reviewer, again this year!

Stay home – avoid the crowds and win book-ish things!
For my giveaway – the winner will receive any one book, up to $15 value

Rules & stuff!

This giveaway officially starts on Black Friday, 11/24 and ends Monday 11/27. My winner will be announced on November 28th on this post in the rafflecopter form - and notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to respond or I will pick another winner. (read my full * My Giveaway Policy here)

International entries OK as long as The Book Depository ships to your country.

To enter – fill out the Rafflecopter form and answer the question: What is your favorite (or least favorite thing) about the holidays?

Extra Entries:

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