For What It's Worth

Friday, March 1, 2024

Weekly update: What I'm baking, watching, reading...



I'm trying something a bit new so that I can get at least 2 posts a week up. The TMST is fairly simple and I should be able to draft answers ahead of time. I say should...because I'm me and probably won't do that lol

I've also started doing an ongoing draft on the weekend and just jot down what I'm reading/watching/doing or upload pics as the week progresses. Then I just have to add a few sentences/links for the post to be ready to go on Friday. That's the hope anyway. 

So here's what happened in my little corner this week...

After 3 gorgeous days of warm sunshine, we got 1 week (and still going) of cold, rain and snow. Not nice Mother Nature. Not nice. So mostly a week of indoor stuff.


A loaf of Everything Bagel Bread cut in half so the center is visible. Everything bagel seasoning speckles both the top and center

No-knead Everything Bagel Bread (King Arthur Baking recipe)
- this was super easy (although it's a very wet dough to handle) and made excellent toast with a smear of cream cheese. I didn't want to order KA's bagel seasoning because I already had a jar of Asiago Everything Seasoning on hand, so I used that instead. Kevin thinks they would be great as rolls, so I might attempt that at some point. 

an 8x8 baking pan, lined with parchment paper and filled with brownie batter, swirled with ube ribbons
Brownies with ube and coconut chocolate bar. I used the base cake brownie recipe from The Fearless Baker by Erin Jeanne McDowell and added swirls of Trader Joe's ube and chucks of a broken coconut chocolate bar. It's really unlike me to feel confident enough to go off the grid but my niece encouraged me to buy the seasonal TJ ube and I have no idea what else to do with it lol


Season 2 Fargo - Hulu - S2 is a prequel to S1 - I won't say why because it could be a spoiler - but was kind of slow for the first 1/2 of the season and IMO, overly long at 10 episodes. Everything is really picking up & we're enjoying it now (episode 6) but really, it could have been wrapped sooner. There are a few characters I really like though (especially Ted Danson as a cop and his son-in-law, played by Lou Solverson ) & a few people I would like to see die a slow, horrible death lol, so we're in it until the end.


I'm listening to Lights Out in Lincolnwood by Geoff Rodkey. 

The entire technological grid shuts down in NYC and from Goodreads: 

"Over four transformative, chaotic days, this privileged but clueless American family will struggle to hold it together in the face of water shortages, paramilitary neighbors, and the well-mannered looting of the local Whole Foods as they try to figure out just what the hell is going on." 

audio book cover for lights out in lincolnwood

They also call it "mordantly funny" but so far, there's a lot of setup and very little survival or funny going on. But it's not bad so I'll stick with it. 

Spam comments. I was doing my regular search of the spam comment to make sure none of you had been thrown in comment jail and found these comments. They just crack me up. Harsh! lol They were on posts almost a decade old. WTF?

screen capture of spam comments from anonymous posters. They say STFU and this was dum af, and no

Why waste the energy? Kevin believes it's just bots and they hit thousands of blogs with all kinds of comments just to get a click back. Sorry to disappoint you bot (or actual person) but I just laughed and deleted. 

Finally, As much as I hate my current weather and long for a warming spring - I'm trying to find the beauty in what we have blah. blah, blah 😂 I love how the little raindrop is translucent enough for the pattern of the leaf to peek through.

Multiple green leaflets with a single, translucent rain droplet in the center. Multiple leaves are also in the background

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Spring reading

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I'm going to attempt a thing...maybe do a TMST and a weekly recap about whatever is going on for that week on Fridays. That way, I'm at least posting lol Waiting for me to pick reading back up is just not going to work. 

I'm starting back up on a bad (for me) question though lol

Question: Which books are you looking forward to this spring?

Answer: I don't even know what's coming out in spring. Or even what came out LAST spring. I am so out of the bookish loop. I have quite a few audiobooks that I downloaded as part of the review program over at, so I would like to get to a few more of those. And maybe a few of my physical books that have been judgmentally staring at me for the past 4 years in my living room 😂

*Ooooh update! I thought of one!!!!

The Library of Borrowed Hearts by Lucy Gilmore 

I adored The Lonely Hearts Book Club and look forward to listening to this next installment. 

How about you? Any spring reading plans or book releases you are most looking forward to?

Friday, February 23, 2024

Update: Baking, Reading (I read a book!), Watching...

 I swear, I will, one day, figure this posting n a regular schedule thing out lol 

Life is going pretty good right now, overall. We are having a "fake" spring. I say that because after this gorgeous week of sun and 60's, we'll be having a week of 40's, rain and possible snow next week. I take what I can get and enjoy it while it lasts. 

I'm still baking more than reading. Below is my 3rd sourdough loaf and I think it's fair to say I have the hang of it and I have a strong, reliable starter. 

I also baked an Indian dessert called Baked Coconut Barfi from The Effortless Baker cookbook by Janani Elavazhagan. 


I saw Jenni talk about Remarkably Bright Creatures on IG, then on her blog & it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to a) read b) read this book I've had on audio since last year. 

I'm SO glad I did! It was such a poignant, delightful story that made me laugh, cry and everything in between.

It's a book that intertwines various characters at different crossroads in life through the unlikely POV of Marcellus, a giant Pacific Octopus living at a local aquarium.  

I listened o this on audio - there are multiple POV's, but Marcellus's droll start to his chapters "day 345 of my captivity" had me cackling.

I started a second book, I'm enjoying, today but I'll keep it to myself  for now in case it goes south lol


We watched The Marvels on Disney - we meant to see it at the movie theatre but Kevin had to travel a lot and we missed out. The reviews (from people not the critics) were awful but I gotta say, this movie was a damn delight. It reminded me (in tone) to the first Ant Man. It was fun and about connections and characters over the big budget, hammy acting from big stars. 

That's all for now! Maybe...hopefully...(not likely lol) I will have a post again for you next week.