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Friday, February 25, 2011

Better Know A Blogger: AtenRa - Just Another Book Blog

Today's featured blogger is Giota. Meeting her is one of the things I love most about blogging. Giota is in Greece! yet we have become fast friends. Oddly enough, not because of books but because of our shared love of music. She has made me aware of so many new groups this past year that I never would have even heard of otherwise. Giota also host ARC tours (US only) on her blog and thanks to her I just got to read the fantastic Queen of the Dead by Stacey Kade! So go check out her blog.

*What is your name/blogger name? My name is Giota and my blogger name is AtenRa

*What is the name of your blog? My blog's name is Just Another Book Blog  I am thinking of changing it,though

*Do you have an auto-buy author, someone whose writing is so good, you have to read every single thing they write? Sure!Richelle Mead, Jeaniene Frost, Karen Marie Moning, Rachel Caine, Kate Brian, Sara Shepard, Stephen King - I am sure there will be others!

Karen: Jeaniene Frost is on my list also. I still have to catchup on a few of these other authors ecpecially KMM and Rachel Caine. I've heard so many great things.

*4. Who is your all-time favorite couple in literature, and why? (Or favorite male/female character) OK I have to think about this...Hmmmm.....*wearing thinking cap* Damn, this is hard!
So, my all time favourite couple will have to be Brittany and Alex - "Perfect Chemistry" by Simone Elkeles. Thing is I like so many couples that I had to limit it down to "in which book the girl or the guy irritated me the least".And weirdly enough, that couple is B&A.I know that I will change my decision in like 2 seconds.But it's so hard to choose!!!!
Karen: I think Brittany and Alex are an excellent choice! I love how they keep appearing in the sequels too. I love knowing they're still together and happy.
*Do you have an e-reader? Do you prefer e-books or regular books, or use both? Unfortunately I don't have an ereader but I am planning on getting one soon.I used to be all anti-ereaders and ebooks because I think nothing can compare to printed books, the real experience, you know?But I've come to realise that ereaders are a necessity for us avid readers and also,let's face it: I'm a gadget freak!

Karen: You'll be surprised how much you end up liking an e-reader! my hubby bought one for me against my will but now I can't live without it (damn him - he's always right!!)

*What are your Top 5 picks for the best books of 2010?
Anna and The French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins
Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins
Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready
Hunger - Jackie Morse Kessler
Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead
(The list contains my favourite books that came out in 2010, not my favourite ones out of 2010 in general)

Karen: Jeri is my favorite author and I know you're a fellow Team Logan fan - there aren't many of us so we need to stick together! And I MUST MUST read Hunger!!

*What book or series has been sitting in your TBR the longest? Alas, sooooo many!I think the one sitting in my TBR the longest is "The Dark Tower" series by Stephen King. I know I should be ashamed of myself and believe me, I am. I hope I'll pick it up soon, though.

Karen: Nothing to be ashamed of! There are just too many books to read and not enough time!

*What's the best thing about blogging and reviewing books? The best thing about reviewing books is getting to read some awesome books along with some very very bad ones, which I think are absolutely necessary in order to properly appreciate the good ones.
Best part of blogging are the comments from other readers/bloggers on your review.Nowadays, it's more likely to discuss a book over twitter rather than on your own blog, which it's not by itself bad, but I think this way the whole blogging process just loses its purpose and meaning. So I do relish these rare moments when someone just drops by your blog and says "Hey, I read your review and I agree because of blah blah and I also think blah blah" or "Hey, I don't agree with you because blah blah" and have a constructive discussion about books.That doesn't happen anymore, unfortunately.

Karen: So true. It's nice when you can get a conversation going (constructive of course) about a book. We do this because of our love of books and to meet others who feel the same way, so it's not as much fun when we're not interacting. I know sometimes it's hard to find the time to comment but it's one of the things I love too.

Thanks for letting me interview you Giota! XOXO


  1. "in which book the girl or the guy irritated me the least"--I totally sympathize with this statement! I love a good romantic story, but usually at some point the girl or the guy will do something that makes me grit my teeth. Alex and Brittany didn't really do that. :-)

  2. Thank you very much karen for doing this, you're an amazing person!And let's not forget: with an exceptional taste in music! :D
    Yay Team Logan!!!