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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Better Know A Blogger: Stella - Ex Libris

Today I'm featuring Stella from Ex Libris. She's a fairly new blogger but she already has a large and loyal following! Ex Libris is one of my favorite blogs to visit - she has great reviews and has been kicking it up a notch with equally great contests!

Your Name: Stella

Name of your blog: Ex Libris

When did you start Ex_Libris? Created the blog on 31 January 2010, and started blogging in February

Number of followers? 538 GFC followers since 4 February 2010

What do you review? I have a very eclectic reading taste, I read almost everything: urban fantasy, paranormal romance, mysteries and thrillers, historical novels, fantasy and even read my first sci-fi recently!

How did you get the name for your blog? I'm quite the linguist: I speak 6 languages, and learned Latin for several years. I enjoyed it very much and Latin means culture, history and books to me (3 of my favourite things besides travelling and cooking ;-p), and somehow Ex Libris just popped into my head when I considered starting my own book blog. I didn't spend that much time searching for a name, this one called out to me. It literally means "from the books" as in "quoted from", but I like to give it another meaning too: that when I read I'm transported in the story and the characters and settings step out "from the books" to surround me.

How would you describe your blog? It is an eclectic journey, a cozy place. I would like you to feel as much at home at browsing it as if you were under a blanket on your sofa in a Sunday afternoon. When I started blogging I wanted to have my book reviews in one place then I discovered what a social activity blogging is and the fantastic community. Now I live for comments and love lively discussions! :-)

What kind of blogger are you? Very organized or fly by the seat of your pants? Oh no, unfortunately I'm not very organized, the only time I was when I took part in Book Extravaganza and Got Books? then I had to prepare all the giveaway posts in advance since I was to be out of town without internet so I had to prepare all the giveaway posts for planned posting. I'm more of the very spontaneous kind. Sometimes posts just keep pouring out of me others times I don't have either the time or the inspiration to write. I should plan more my posting, that is one of my blogging goals :-)

What is your favorite review or post for your own blog? To post or not to post (a discussion post) , and Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch (book review):  This is one of my favourite book reviews because I love this book, just thinking about it makes me all warm and fuzzy :-D

Your favorite blog? I'm very indecisive in everything, so you can't expect me to choose only one ;-) I love Bookalicious Ramblings, All Things Urban Fantasy, Pearls Cast Before a McPig, Reading Without Restraint, Geeky Blogger's Book Blog, Reading with Tequila and SciFiGuy. Ok, happy now? It really took me a lot of effort to limit it to only these! :-)

What are you reading right now? Right now I'm reading My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent. Read the introductory novella on Sunday and got interested in the series. Gobbled up the 1st book (My Soul to Take) on Sunday and wanted more. It is seriously addictive! :-D

Thanks for stopping by Stella! As you can see she is passionate about her books and that comes through in her all her reviews!! I LOVE Ex Libris & Stella!! If you haven't been to Stella's blog yet, then go right now!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll be visiting right now! Sounds like my type of blog!

    -Jamie at The Broke and the Bookish

  2. Aww, thank you Karen for having me over, I enjoyed babbling here very much! (as you can see I have no problem talking, stoping is the part I still have to master ;-p)

    Hi Jamie, hope to see you around at Ex Libris! (psst! I have 2 giveaways going on right now, is that tempting enough? ;-p)

  3. I enjoyed your I love your blog so I was thrilled to have you here!!

  4. Wow 6 languages- I'm impressed Stella! I loved your Touched by an Alien review btw - part of the reason I decided to read that book was your review and I'm so glad I did ;)

  5. Oh, I feel honoured you named my blog. I love your blog too, but I hope you noticed that ;-)

  6. I'm impressed by the six languages, Stella. That is pretty cool! I love your blog, and glad to see you getting your name out there! You go, girl!

  7. Very impressed with your language skills and loved learning how you picked your name! Great interview :)

  8. @Karen Hehe, thanks, you can always count on me to babble ;-D lol I love your blog too, and this new design looks beautiful, so sophisticated and elegant yet unique!

    @Heather: Oh I'm so glad I spread the alie love and won some Touched by an Alien fans! :-D It's fantastic, isn't it? So glad you liked it! :-)

    @Sully: Thanks, I always love to see your comments on the blog, and I SO enjoy your and Voodoo Bride's reviews :-)

    @Julianne: I'm eternally grateful for your quick help with my crazy blog html :-D Thank you! Yes, I love learning and speaking languages, thankfully I have a knack for them ;-)

  9. Love your blog and your taste in books. I adore Touched By An Alien, too!