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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Better Know A Blogger: Elena & Kendra - Novel Sounds

Better Know A Blogger is a very popular feature during the month of The Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge. It's a great way to meet the blogger behind the blog!

Name: Elena and Kendra
Blog: Novel Sounds
Blogging since: Dec 2011

How did you choose the name for your blog? We made a list of names with words involving lit and music and liked novelsounds the best! We also like the dual meanings of novel, how it means "different" in one context and novels as in you know, books!

How have your reading habits changed since you started blogging?
Kendra: I've gotten less start and stop with books. I try to finish them all the way even if they don't hold my interest right away.
Elena: Usually, when I read a book I didn't really think much about them after I read them. Before blogging, my reaction was typically "Oh, I liked it!" or "I didn't like it" and that's about it. Now, I try to think more critically and why or why not I enjoyed a book.

What are the books you are most looking forward to reading in 2012? Like everyone else, we're pretty excited for Insurgent by Veronica Roth and Spellbound by Rachel Hawkins! In non-sequels though, we think Pretty Crooked by Elisa Ludwig looks delightful and really fun.

How do you choose which book from the enormous TBR pile to read next? It really depends on what we're in the mood for! If a book comes with a great recommendation or interesting reviews, we're more likely to move that on the top of our TBR.

Elena: I have a lot of books, scattered everywhere (literally! in three houses) but here is a very small portion I have with me right now.
What has been the best thing about blogging and reviewing books?? Writing the reviews/picking songs to go along with the books has been a lot of fun and interacting with fellow bloggers! We love talking about YA books since we rarely get to do it with our own friends and adding our love for music on top of that has been really enjoyable. 

Find Novel Sounds on: Twitter | Kendra's personal Twitter @sincethewreck where "I spit hot fire, and whine about my job"

Karen: Thank you Elena and Kendra for stopping by today. I discovered Novel Sounds after the girls contacted me for this feature. I adore this blog. It's so serene and visually pleasing. Another great thing is for each review they write they add a "sound" for the book. Very cool for a music lover like myself.
Go check them out!


  1. Wonderful to meet Elena and Kendra! I love the sound feature for books on their blog!

  2. Blodeuedd, Lauren, hi & thank you both! :)

    Karen, thanks so much for having us and your kind words! We really appreciate it. x

  3. These girls are fantastic bloggers. I've only been following them for a couple of months, but Novel Sounds has become one of my favorite stops in the book blogosphere.