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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Better Know A Blogger: Bonnie - Hands and Home

I'm welcoming Bonnie for today's Better Know A Blogger feature. Be sure to check out her blog once your done reading to enter Bonnie's "Fantastic Followers Giveaway"! She has some great books up for grabs by Holly Black, Andrea Cremer and more....

Introduce yourself! Hi my name is Bonnie and I am the blogger behind Hands and Home! I spend my days with my 2 beautiful daughters and am an avid reader and novice quilter.

What is the name of your blog? How did you pick your blog’s name? Hands and Home started about 3 years ago as a place for me to share those things that I was most passionate about. At the time that was sewing, crafting, cooking, my family and the occasional "what are you reading" update. Hands and Home has since evolved and now that my girls have gotten a little older and I am actually able to find more time to read, has become a much more focused "book blog".

How long have you been blogging? I started blogging in 2008.

How do you measure blogging success? Is it strictly number of followers or something more? Sure it's great to see those followers numbers growing, but unless I am developing some realtionships with those bloggers it doesn't really mean much. I love engaging in discussions with readers - either through comments or email. I also love finding out what other bloggers are reading - so many of the books on my TBR list have come from the blogs that I read!

Karen: I agree! I have found so many amazing reads from fellow bloggers! They keep that pile growing with their recommendations!

What genres/subgenres do you review, and what do you like best about those genres? I review a pretty elcletic collection of fiction and occasionally non fiction. I love paranormal, YA, contemporary fiction and Christian fiction. I don't have one favourite genre, as long as it is a well written book with well developed characters I am happy. I read for the characters and I am always looking to be able to make some sort of an emotional connection with those characters.

Karen" I just found your blog through the challenge but I'm really enjoying the variety of books that you review.

What are you reading right now? Right now I am reading a bit of a crazy mix. I just finished Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer and just loved it. I'm also starting in on The Vampire's Warden and The Vampire's Curse by S.J. Wright, and will soon be reading The Sweetest Thing by Elizabeth Musser.

Do you use social media to promote your blog or discuss reading/blogging? I probably should but I don't really. Can you believe that I just don't get Twitter? I recently started a Facebook group (Hands and Home Blog) and am on GoodReads and Book Blogs but that is about it.

Karen" Gasp! you don't get Twitter?? I live for Twitter. I used to make fun of people who were on Twitter, now I'm a total addict. I'm sort of ashamed of how much I need Twitter. LOL

Where is your favorite place to read? Anywhere when I get the time! But if I had a choice I have an awesome wing chair in my bedroom that gets the perfect light for reading. Combine that with a cup of tea and great book and I am a happy girl!

What are your ideal reading conditions? QUIET! That's right no screaming children, no stopping every page to read a different Bernstein Bears story, and no getting up every 2 minutes to fetch a snack, juice or give a diaper change. Basically I don't get any real reading time unless my girls are asleep (but my girls are awesome so I really don't mind)!

What are the top 5 books in your TBR (To Be read) pile? Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz, Forgotten by Cat Patrick, Bloodlines by Richelle Mead, Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Obligatory controversial question: Love triangles! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, and why? That depends, if it is well done and not overly predictable I am a fan.

What has been the best thing about blogging and reviewing books? Definitely the relationships I have made with other bloggers, authors and publishers. For me blogging about books is an extension of the passion that I have carried for books since I could read on my own (That first book was Donald's Day in the Kitchen... still have it and read it to my girls).

Thanks Bonnie! Now head on over to her blog and enter that BIG Fantastic Followers Giveaway! Four prize packs are up for grabs.


  1. My name is Bonnie, too! Yay for Bonnie Bloggers :)

    Looking at your TBR, I've only read FORGOTTEN, which I enjoyed reading. I still have STILL ALICE (and also LEFT NEGLECTED) to read. I knew I wouldn't get to them for a while, so I loaned them to my brother's girlfriend...and of course, last week I wanted to read them! >.<

  2. That happens to me all the time! My mom and my 92 year old grandma are the worst for borrowing my paranormal books before I get a chance to read them! :)

  3. Im sorry..this really has nothing to do with this interview, which was good by the way. But I got all excited about your playlist over there and totally lost track of what I was doing. The Kooks!! My favorite ( well one of them) Catch and Release by Silversun Pickups!!!Ok that is all..just wanted to let you know I was loving the music!