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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Better Know A Blogger: Bella - Obsessed!

For our last Better Know A Blogger I introduce you to BEL-LA!! You must say it with a thick Italian accent....really loud....that's what I do anyway. We are both very...ahem.....opinionated when it comes to our reading and I love getting into a good debate with her over all things literary. We usually end it by agreeing to disagree (Gale V. Peeta) or focusing on what/who we both love (Seth - from Wicked Lovely). She has an aWesOme blog with a fresh take on everything she reads. Whether she loves it or hates it she writes her reviews with passion!

Your name: My name is Izabela, but I do answer to *The Bella* ;)

Name of your blog: Obsessed! (

When did you start Obsessed! ? I started my blog near the end of March last year, but it wasn't until July that I started posting book reviews ... it began as a personal blog where I rambled on when I had nothing better to do and - erm - occasionally gave in to a rant or two (LOL, bad idea, you think no-one who knows you will ever find out about it - THEY DO! :P) ... then I got bored of re-reading Twilight and decided to write up a bit of a review ... I did a little research to see what other people had to say about the series and *surprise* discovered BOOK BLOGS! :D ... the rest is HISTORY!

Number of followers: Google Friend Connect: 485, Facebook Networked Blogs: 74

What do you review? I'm Obsessed!™ with Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, so mostly those genres (and anything related) :) ... but I do sometimes read ordinary Young Adult books as well (I'm partial to love stories and books that deal with serious issues such as anorexia or cutting).

How did you get the name for your blog? If I'm remembering correctly, this is the sixth name my blog has had, lol ... so however I came up with it, it wasn't easy! ;) Each time I decided on a new name, I had just revamped my entire blog ... I think that as I got closer to understanding what I wanted to do with the whole thing, so the name changed to better reflect it all ... it started off called Anything! (Just Not Beige) - yeah, I know, that tells you everything :D ... and is now Obsessed! - which really DOES tell you all you need to know :D

How would you describe your blog? Well, this is a tough one ... I'd say it provides an interesting, possibly informative, almost always funny, perspective on UF and PNR novels ... feel free to agree / disagree / throw pineapples at me ... I don't know ... it's just a place where I share my random and often disjointed thoughts about the books I read ... and where people occasionally drop by to *wave* or try to sell me Viagra ... SPAMMERS!!! I'M GOING TO GET YOU!!! *grrrr*

What kind of blogger are you? Very organized or fly by the seat of your pants? I am stupendously organized. By which I don't mean that I go to extremes to ensure there's something posting every day (I don't, btw - I like it here on Team Don't Blog Unless You Have Something To Say) ... what I mean is that when I DO write up a post, I am fanatical about spelling and grammar (the wonky stuff is intentional, I'm not actually as illiterate as I make myself out to be :P), checking, double-checking, triple-checking, making sure I've said everything that I feel the need to say in the most interesting way possible, doing another spell-check just in case, checking the HTML for *those random things* that appear and screw everything up ... etc ... no, I don't need therapy ... well, maybe ... I blame it on my star-sign and, err, CHOCOLATE MILK! :D ... no, not really. Yeah, you get the point ... and you have to know I'm going to check this about 10 times before I'm happy with it, lol ... okay, moving on, NEXT QUESTION! ;)

What is your favorite review or post for your own blog? I love them ALL, that's why they're there ;) ... but, okay, I'll pick one ... and I'll make it short, because I DO have a tendency to ramble on ... had you noticed? OH, I know, lol ... you probably won't find this very funny unless you've read the third House of Night book, Chosen (P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast) ... BUT - I CHOOSE YOU - CHOSEN LOLCATS! :D (No, I have no idea which dusty corner of my brain that Pokémon reference came from :o) BTW - the tortie (Aristotle) and the fat orange cat (Garfield Socrates) are my very own gorgeous kitties, so feel free to go and give them some virtual love even if you haven't read Chosen :)

Your favorite blog? Wicked Little Pixie's blog, because who doesn't LOVE snarkiness and the occasional bit of randomness :D

What are you reading right now? I'm currently reading Soulless by Gail Carriger ... it's one of the funniest novels I've read in AGES and *very* welcome after THAT OTHER BOOK :o I heart Alexia ... she's all kinds of awesome ...

*Well you know how much I love my animal pictures ..... so I introduce to you the gorgeous Aristotle (left) and Socrates (right) snoozing on Bella's TBR pile!!

Thanks for stopping by Bella! <3 ya!!

That concludes our Better Know A Blogger Q&A's! Thanks to all who particpated. You can view them all HERE.

There is still time to enter The Ultimate Reviewers Challenge! It ends tonight at midnight CST!! Go link your reviews!!


  1. O hai!! :D

    Thanks for having me over and for putting up pics of my gorgeous kittehs! ♥

  2. Great Post! and the cats are too cute!

  3. Love you muchly, Bella! I'm right with you on how cool Soulless is. That Other Book has made us all seek sweet relief and solace in the pages of other stories. :-)

  4. I am so uber jealous of everyone who has moved on to new books!

    I'm giving up and reading something non-fiction or possibly political. Perhaps that will cleanse the remains of that other book from the system?

    Great interview! Such awesomeness!

  5. Great interview! I don't think we read the same type of books, but I still want to check you out!

  6. @ The Crazy Bookworm Take my word for it, the cuteness factor quadruples in person! :o

    @ Tiger @ Day That Other Book truly is The Moroseness!! Day - I don't think something *political* will help ... what you need is The Funny! :) I ♥ you both :-)

    OH - it's WLPixie :D *waves* You know what they say ... speak of the devil ... LOL - jk :P

    @ Colleen That's okay, we can still drink tea together and discuss the weather ... or hedgehogs ... or Survivor! Do you watch Survivor? :o