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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Better Know a Blogger: Stacy - Urban Fantasy Investigations

What is your name/blogger name? My name is Stacy and I comment under Stacy (Urban Fantasy Investigations)
What is the name of your blog? Urban Fantasy Investigations

Do you have an auto-buy author, someone whose writing is so good, you have to read every single thing they write? I don't have any auto buy authors, I pretty much just go buy what I'm in the mood to read or looks too good to pass up but some of the authors I never miss a book from are Richelle Mead, Illona Andrews, Rachel Vincent, Linda Robertson and any of Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake or Merry Gentry series books.
Who is your all-time favorite couple in literature, and why? Cat and Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series. They are so devoted to each other, protective and down to earth. I just totally fell in love with them both from book 1.
(Karen: I am in total agreement with you there Stacy! Love Cat & Bones together!)
Do you have an e-reader? I do have an e-reader I have a Sony Pocket Edition Do you prefer e-books or regular books, or use both? I like both actually, nothing will replace having a print copy sitting on a table somewhere though.
What are your Top 5 picks for the best books of 2010? Hmmm in no specific order. Double Cross by Carolyn Crane, City of Ghosts by Stacia Kane, Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews, Hunted by the Others by Jess Haines and Venom by Jennifer Estep
(Karen: I just read the Magic series a few months ago and Magic Bleeds would be at the top of my list too and I loved the Stacia Kane ghosts series)

What book or series has been sitting in your TBR the longest? A few that have been sitting on my reader for like 8+ months because I just cant seem to feel the want to pick them up and read them are the Niki Styx Series by Terri Garey and World of Lupi by Eileen Wilks. I'm not sure why I just haven't had the want to pull them up.
(left - Stacy's TBR pile)

What's the best thing about blogging and reviewing books? I love knowing that people read what I'm writing to help them decide if they should pick up that book. I also love chatting with and interviewing authors, I get to sit here and think WOW I just read there book.

Thanks for stopping by Stacy!


  1. I follow Stacy's blog too, and it is nice to see her interview here :)
    Ilona Andrews is one of my fav writers as well!

    How does one get featured here? Is there a long line? :)

  2. @Deepali - Just email me and I'll send you the questions. We're doing the Better Know a Blogger feature for the month of Feb as part of The Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge.