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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tell Me Something Tuesday: Don't leave me hanging this way...


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Question: Will you start a series if you know it probably won't be finished?

Answer: No. And I'll go a step further and say that I've pretty much stopped reading series all together.

Several years ago, mostly with YA (& mostly trilogies) were getting out of control. Between the overhype, the filler second books and bad endings, I backed far away from series. 

I was is the midst of about 45 series and I  just quit. It takes a lot to hook me now. I've read a few duologies but mostly stand alones. 

I don't really count romance series, with different couples, in that though. Or any series that may be the same world but different characters/story. I feel like you can jump in and out of series like that - skipping books. 

I'm so far removed from bookish social media though so I may just dabble again. I know I'm weird, but I do not like getting super hyped about the next installment and what might happen, shipping couples etc. That sets up too many expectations, anxiety and disappointments for me as a reader. I never felt that way before blogging - so maybe there's a way to get back to that care free reading experience. 

How about you? Will you start a series if you might not ever know how it ends?

 *cough* George R.R. Martin *cough*


  1. If I would count I would reach a high number, ooops. I still get sad when I see some unfinished series, that prop never will get finished

    1. I just gave up on them - more because they were becoming unrewarding after hanging in there for so long.

  2. LOL... I like your reference. I wouldn't knowingly go into a series that is connected (like UF, Fantasy, etc.) if I know it's not going to have that final book. It's too painful - I've had that happen on too many Netflix/streaming shows. Love the first season and BAM! it's cancelled. As for the hype... that's something I really try to avoid. I don't really read YA, so I do miss a lot of that. The last time I shipped anyone, it was LOVE - Logan and Veronica. HAHAH!

    1. Oh, don't even get me started on TV shows lol

  3. There are so many series (book and TV) that I would NEVER have picked up if I knew they would never be finished. I hate being left with no answers. Like you, I have abandoned series for the most part.

    1. I've only had it happen twice, that I can remember, for 2 UF series I was reading. The authors sort of vanished too so I always wonder what happened there.

      The TV situation is even worse these days.

  4. No, If I knew beforehand that it wouldn't be finished, I wouldn't start it.

  5. "I was is the midst of about 45 series"
    🤯 😂

    I think most series are fantasy (or urban fantasy), which is why I don't seem to read a ton. There used to be many YA series as well back when we started blogging, but not anymore (and I've only read a fraction of them anyway, because most of their premises didn't interest me). So I've never suffered about series burnout.

    I would probably read a series whose last book is still on the fence if the premise called to me, and if I still had hope for it to get published one day. But I think I wouldn't watch a TV series if I knew beforehand that it was likely to get cancelled. Is that weird? 😅

    1. I've read a few first books in a series recently but just moved on and have totally forgotten to follow up lol
      It seems the new thing is to go past what the original series was meant to be. Instead of 3 books, now it's 6-7, spinoffs and I just can't eb bothered.

      Not weird about TV. I feel like that's more of an investment in some ways. You have to watch weekly (or binge), wait (sometimes) years & with actual actors you feel more connected. to *seeing* the outcome.

      TV cancellations have gone off the rails.