For What It's Worth

Friday, March 29, 2024

It's a Wrap-up...

 Another week - another 2 post for me! This has got to be a record lol

Slow week here. Lots of heavy rains, high winds - even some lightning and hail - which are rare for these parts. We are supposed to have 4 days of nice weather coming up so I'm excited. 

Inspired by last weeks TMST post about vacations - I booked one for Kevin and I. It's still within the state, but the chance to just get away and, hopefully, be outdoors will be great. 

So what did I do this week? 


a cardboard tray filled wiht herbs, hosta and flowering plants. A book about vegetable gardening on the Pacific Northwest lays in the bottom left corner
My first plant shopping of the year. I've been wanting to go to this very small, locally owned nursery -  Birds and Bees PDX for years but it's a bit out of the way and opens later than when I'm typically out and about. I made a point to go this weekend - in the rain - because that's when it's toughest on these businesses. They had a small, but excellent, assortment of native and house plants. I bought a few herbs, plants for my rock wall and a hosta. Plus, a book about vegetable gardening out here.


I baked whole wheat bread with 7 grain cereal and that was a huge hit at Kevin's work place. His co-worker said it's a gift to be able to bake so well. I died laughing because I basically used my bread machine on the dough setting to mix/knead and then finished it off in the oven. 

Ellie is 1 year old this month! Not only was I able to make a sourdough starter - but I kept her alive for one whole year. If you've been following my baking adventures - I killed Ryan - the other (rye) starter that I made at the same time as Ellie. 

It's SO much easier than most people make it sound like, once you learn a few tricks (& NOT get crazy obsessed over it). I do not feed my starter daily or have discard (unless I want some for another purpose). I keep about 1 tablespoon in the fridge and just feed as needed for whatever I'm baking. I've gone months without feeding her.

This is a new recipe I found from Easy Everyday Sourdough Bread Baking by Elaine Boddy. It made a smaller than usual loaf - only about 6 inches wide, so cute! - and helped me practice a few steaming techniques I saw on YouTube.


The Summer She Went Missing by Chelsea Ichaso - Mind you, I am not the targeted age group for this YA thriller, but I'm not enjoying it at all and will most likely DNF unless things turn around soon. I had thought it was a dark, small town secrets, rich kids vs townies murder vibe but it feels more Nancy Drew-ish. Nothing wrong with that, but the audio narration makes the MC come off as naive, whiny and boy obsessed & cliche instead of the dark thriller I was expecting. 


Wonka - MAX - couldn't finish, we were bored

John Wick 4 - meh So unnecessarily convoluted

The 3 Body Problem - Netflix - Made it to episode 4. Pretty good and we liked it but not hooked. 

Faraway - Netflix - This was our virtual movie date pick for the week. I gave it 4 stars (out of 5) It got a little silly at times but I loved the idea of an older (50's??) woman leaving her horrendous family that take advantage of her going off to an beautiful island to find herself, love and happiness. My friend gave it 3.5/3.75. 


I saw this on IG and it cracked me up. Dolls scare the sh*! out of me. I love how the *May Be Haunted Dolls cost more lol 

2 boxes of dolls on a table. The box ont he left has a green sign that says May Be Haunted Dolls $3.25. The box ot he right has an orange sing that says Not Haunted Dolls $3.00 each

Have a lovely Easter weekend everyone!


  1. That pic of the pups is so cute! You've had such a productive week to boot. We have been productive, getting bids for some big exterior renovations to our house. Roof, siding, gutters, and more haha. It will be expensive, but very worth it. With all that going on, I haven't spent a ton for our flowerbeds this year, but it looks like a lot of things are just going to grow back in from last year.

    1. Those big projects can cost a lot but are worth it in the long run. We had to have our roof/gutters cleaned last year and will probably have to do it again along with the house this year. You can get a lot of mold there being in the PNW.

      All my pants are peeking out now. I thought we lost one Peony but I just saw a tiny bud poking out yesterday. VERY happy because those are expensive plants lol

  2. OMG! Love the bunny pups picture. Too cute! I saw that doll one too. Hilarious! How wonderful that you booked a trip. Do you pick pet friendly places or get a sitter? Congratulations on keeping that starter going for a year. It sounds as tough as keeping a tamagotchi alive. We had tons of rain and winds here, too. It's pretty nice today though

    1. Pet friendly! Ripley has a host of fear issues so unless I REALLY know the pet sitter that would never work for her.
      I hope we all get nice spring weather soon. We're going to have 4 nice days then back to the cold rain :-((((
      Honestly, the starter is hard to kill. The one I did kill was ignored for 6 months and grew mold lol but I've not fed Ellie for up to 4 months at a time and she comes back every time.

  3. Your sourdough starter tales are so funny - she's one year old, I've gone months without feeding her, I killed him...šŸ¤£ I don't understand a thing, but I'm amused LOL. Yay for the planned holiday! And happy Easter.

    1. The sourdough world is wild - and very intense lol I just try to have fun experimenting.

      Happy Easter Roberta.

  4. I've never made sourdough starter. I use my bread machine to make bread too. lol

    1. That machine was my best pandemic purchase lol

  5. Yea for you - booking a vacation!! I'm so happy for you! Will you be able to take the dogs? I used to have a bread machine 20+ years ago, but I haven't for years. I would eat an entire loaf at once. I'm such a bread junkie.

    1. Yup, the dogs are coming. I had one years ago too and it looked like R2D2 and made horrible, weirdly shaped bread lol

      I send a lot of my baked stuff to work and portion stuff for me.

  6. Hey you! Yeah I've been scarce lol. I love sourdough bread but I don't know much about the whole start thing. I'm like Roberta- I have noidea!

    Shannon just mentioned 3 Body tome- thinking of starting it.

    Hope you had a nice Easter!

    1. It's weirdly easy to make sourdough bread. Depending on where you look online - it can be super intimidating and cult like lol I found people who just want a tasty loaf and don't care about all the other stuff and it's so easy! You don't even knead.

      We started 3 Body Problem and it has really awesome stuff in it but overall we weren't hooked. I do think you will really like it though.

  7. Id probably kill my starter pretty fast, but I would love to try

    1. It can be a little tricky getting it going but once you do, you can pretty much ignore it until you need it.