For What It's Worth

Friday, March 22, 2024

It's a Wrap (up)...

Well, look at me! I've been posting twice a week for about 3 weeks now. How long will I last? lol

Here's a wrap-up of my week for inquiring minds...


Deep red, heart shaped ceramic mixing bowl with a small pour spout at the bottom tip. A business card and small, round leather piece with the Jefferson Street logo lie next to it on a wood table
Kevin ordered this gorgeous ceramic batter bowl by Jefferson Street Ceramics, for our anniversary but it didn't get here on time - but here it is! Look how beautiful! It has a spout for pouring and is microwave, dishwasher safe but I'm afraid to use it. 

I also have their ceramic pie wights. Everything is handmade and at pretty reasonable prices for quality in comparison to many other places. 

We had 5 sunny, wonderful days and it's pushed all the Cherry Blossoms, Magnolias and spring bulbs into blooming. We took full advantage of it going to the Portland Japanese Garden taking a short hike after and eating dinner outside every day. But alas...we are back to standard PNW spring - rain everyday for the foreseeable future and 50's. It was nice while it lasted and completely boosted my spirits. 


I forgot to take a pic, but I made 7 grain bread - which is a basic white bread with 7 grain cereal (I used Bob's Red Mill). Really good and great as toast or for sandwiches. 

a round, white breakfast plate with cloud like egg whites with a yolk in the center. Bacon, melon and blueberries fill out the plate
Sunday, I got fancy with my eggs and made Parmesan Cloud Eggs with this recipe from Eating Well. It does take a few extra steps - separating and whipping the egg whites - but was still super simple and looked so fancy. Everyone was curious about how it tasted and the texture of the egg whites is odd at first but they have parmesan cheese (and I added chives) so that added a nice sharp/salty flavor. We liked them and I will make them again. 

I also baked Irish Cream Coffee Cake from the NYT. The Irish cream liqueur tasted SO yummy in this (even though I don't drink alcohol) but the original recipe is ridiculously unhealthy - even by dessert standards. 622 calories; 32 grams fat; 16 grams saturated fat;42 grams sugars. I made a few tweaks to make it health(ier) for Kevin's co-workers with various issues. I used a simple cinnamon, cocoa powder, sugar layer in the center instead of the crumble and for the top I only used half (if that) of the crumble mix and used oat flour, way less sugar and plant based butter. It was delish but, honestly, did not even need the topping. I would make the cake part again. 


Zip. Nada. But I did got to a new local, indie bookstore that was adorable and bought books and other little things I do not need lol


Also not much. I had my bff weekly, virtual movie date and we watched 27 Dresses which was just added to Netflix. It's been a while since I've seen but it held up and we both loved it - although watching now - we saw red flags with the love interest (stole and red her planner/tore out an appointment page) lol But this is a rom com and he will be wonderful and those traits will not turn into anything bad. 

I think Kevin and I are watching the new Willy Wonka this weekend. 

Finally, I have this pretty pic from the Japanese garden. We were there early, when the sun was just starting to peek through and it cast this lovely rainbow on the stairs as we were leaving. 

Have a great weekend
let me know what you've been up to!


  1. I want to watch Wonka, and will eventually. My girl and I just watched the Mean Girls musical. It was good, but the acting didn't hold up to the singing. I adored the broadway show and the original movie. The girl and I are heading into Boston today for a doc appointment and we'll eat while in the city. So many options!

    1. I hope it's good! I still haven't watched Mean Girls in its entirety. I've caught it part way through a few years ago. Have fun on your trip!

  2. The new batter bowl is so pretty. What a thoughtful gift. Parmesan Cloud Eggs? I am so there. I'm tempted to try those this weekend. Cherry blossoms and magnolias in bloom are so gorgeous. Too bad it was short lived.

    1. Make sure you use non stick spray under the *clouds*. People mentioned in the comments that they got stuck so I used a silpat and they were still a little sticky. And you don't really want to disturb the yoke so I will use parchment or more spray the next time. But really, it was easy.

  3. I'm loving all the baking you're doing, and I'm sure Kevin is too haha. My husband hasn't baked as much since being diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic, but he still tries to bake every once in a while.

    1. Then you need to stay tuned... Kevin is pre-diabetic so I've been playing with recipes to make them diabetic friendly. I've been trying to find things that are not just using sugar replacement and still taste like a treat.

      Honestly, we've never eaten many sweets. I got into the sourdough because of the health issues I have and it's better for me.

  4. You are quite the chef. Altering recipes and whatnot. All you dishes always look amazing

    1. I'm getting wild lol You should see me in real life though - I make SUCH a mess and freak out easily lol

  5. Yes I have noticed your many posts :D I can hardly keep up

    Awww pretty bowl!

  6. It's been good weather for baking and I made some low carb muffins from a mix I bought and they were good. I don't make sweets too often now so I just buy the mixes. That bowl is nice.

    1. My MIL is gluten free and has other issues where she can't physically bake as much so she uses a lot of the King Arthur gf mixes.

  7. That bowl is...lovely LOL. Good old Kevin. And you're spoiling his co-workers! 😂

    The rainbow pattern is weird but so pretty!