For What It's Worth

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Ramblings...

Precariously perched - Willie

It's been a crazy busy week for me but I did manage to actually blog this week. Next week might be another story since I didn't get to read at all. After I finish this post, I hope to curl up with a good book finally!

Random anyone having winter this year?? I'm in FL but it's been unusually warm for us and it seems to be that way for my friends in NY too.

Any-hoo....on to the wrap up!

Eat Slay Love by Jesse Petersen - Kevin (my hubby) reviewed this series and loves the snarky humor/zombies
The Bride and the Buccaneer by Darlene Marshall - I'm not a huge historical romance fan but pirates and intelligent characters made this one stand out.

Tune in Tuesday - muppets and non musical Jedi kittens

The Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge is BACK! - Bloggers - link your reviews during the month of February for a chance to win a great Prize Pack!!

Better Know a Blogger is back for the challenge as well: meet Teri from Dreaming Dreams no mortal ever dreamed

Coming up: Monday - Book Blogger Confessions, click here if you want to join in!, a mini review of Timepiece by Myra McEntire. It doesn't come out until later this year so I think it's too early for a full review but I'll give you my overall impressions of the ARC.

That's all folks! I leave you with this public service announcement/giveaway of a lifetime...


  1. I'm convulsing with happiness. Ozzy and...colonoscopies. It's just too grand a concept for a mere mortal to express.

    Can't wait to talk with you about Timepiece!

    We're not really having a Winter in Alabama, either. I brought a jacket to that Books-A-Million coffee shop and totally didn't need it.

  2. No winter in Missouri either. Usually it's pretty darn cold this time of year, but we've been having 40s and 50s for weeks.

  3. no real winter in ca ...yeah for the challenge is back

  4. It's super warm in VA. We've had some cold days, but not nearly like we usually do. And WAY warm days. It's making my allergies go all wonky! Super annoying. BTW, love the pic of Willie up there! Cats are the best :)

  5. No real winter in Central Illinois either. Oh, darn ;D
    BTW - Willie is so cute, give him a kittie treat for me <3

  6. So i guess the consensus is that winter still hasn't arrived.