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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Book Blogger Confessions: Deadlines. How do you deal with them?

We're back for another Book Blogger Confessions, a meme co-hosted with Tiger from All-Consuming Media on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month, to discuss some of the challenges that are unique to book bloggers.

You can read the introductory post here.

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Guidelines: Do not criticize other bloggers or authors in your post or in the comments! This meme is to help each other not knock each other down.

This week's question:

Deadlines for reviewing and blogging. Do you set them? How do you keep them? What do you do if you can't meet a deadline?
I hate deadlines and for the most part avoid them so I don't have to deal with them. I want blogging to be a fun hobby.

Deadlines tend to freak me out and then I shut down and can't think of anything to say so I guess I'm more of a fly by the seat of my pants blogger.

I have a loose schedule floating around in my head. Two reviews per week, 1-2 memes and I just try to fill those spots - usually one or two days before. In fact I'm writing this post late Sunday and this is my own (and Tiger's) meme!

I do have a planner for the blog and I jot down scheduled posts in there or things I would like to talk about at some point. Maybe an idea for a future Tune in Tuesday pick but overall it's very flexible and interchangeable.

This month I'm co-hosting the Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge and we have a Better Know A Blogger feature so I scheduled those bloggers. I'm also a blogger for Authors After Dark this year and need to schedule 20 author guest post/interviews by July. It stresses me out a bit because like I said I'm not a fan of scheduling but in this case it's a must. To avoid missing any deadlines for that I believe I have my author posting schedule written in approximately 100 places….lol OK maybe more like 5 but still - I have it in my planner, a separate guest post notebook and several post-it notes stationed throughout the house. 

I don't miss many deadlines because I don't really have any. When I first started accepting reviews that was more of an issue but I rarely take any requests now but even if I do, I leave the time frame open, not guaranteeing a review by a certain date. I'm a mood reader and I find if I schedule reading like that I'm less inclined to like the book which isn't good for anyone.

This topic always fascinates me because I know so many bloggers have google docs for reading, posting etc and I'm in awe of people who can do that. I wish I could. I'm not unorganized at all but I balk at that type of planning and I wish I could embrace it more but I guess my way works for me so it shouldn't matter.

The next Book Blogger Confessions is Monday, February 20th:  Social networking with authors: Do you interact on Twitter/Facebook/etc with authors? Does it affect how you review their work or do you look at their books differently because you're on friendly terms with them?

**Because of all the drama lately & the topic above I feel compelled to point out that this meme is not about bashing each other or authors.
The question above is about how you interact with authors and if it changes how you review their books if you are on friendly terms - not an opportunity to vent about bad behavior.

Can't wait to read everyones confession!


  1. Really great meme! I think that maybe i'll participate this week =)

  2. Oh nods head..I love scheduling items now but but sometimes I like to free form with some meme's

  3. I love the ability to schedule posts in Blogger. While I don't let myself have too many concrete deadlines, I generally try to write up my reviews on weekends when I'm not in class and then schedule them for the next week. Like you, deadlines make me nuts, and I like to keep blogging fun!

  4. What a fabulous attitude you have :) Now if only I can let go of my OCD a little bit!

    I do keep a calendar but only for my ongoing commitments. I also LOVE meme's like this one where I can write them up and schedule them far into the future. I've already written my next BB Confession ;)

  5. I have been working on not over committing myself this year and I definitely find that it helps to have a general schedule to follow. I try to have my posts scheduled at least one week in advance - it doesn't always happen but when I can it saves me a lot of stress.

  6. I'm the same way! I write most of my posts the day before I intend to post them. I had my blog scheduled for a week once and it was so weird. Thanks for hosting this great meme =)

  7. Great question! I try to get my blogging into a schedule, but deadlines for a review can make me stressed. I'm looking forward to seeing what others have to say. :)

  8. You're not the only one who hates deadlines, I have given up on them even though I do have a calendar for my blog I don't really stick to it.

  9. It seems the longer I do this, the less I rely on deadlines - for exactly the reasons you state. I want it to be fun, and if I set rigid deadlines (even under the presumption of getting organized) it starts to feel like work. I want to enjoy reading, not resent it! Great topic.

  10. Amen! I am all about not setting deadlines in the first place. It seems like a healthy balance to just know that you're going to do 3-5 total posts per week and stick with those general guidelines. A consistent amount of post-content seems more important than content that arrives on a right-on-the-money schedule every day.

  11. Yes, I agree. If it's not fun then what's the point?

  12. Fly by the seat of your pants works if it keeps it fun!

  13. I think that is halfway in-between chaotic and organised. You have a plan, it just isn't set in stone.

    I've taken a leaf from your book on requests in that I try to not set a date and say that I will do it, if I can, within # months. I really can't be doing with the stress and I think I'd be happier having no review requests in some ways. I'm to weak to turn down free books so I'm trying to ask myself if I want to read it and whether I'm able to.

    It definitely doesn't matter! I always find people who don't seem to have a plan and set format seem much more honest and I get better feeling for what they're saying. Set formats do still allow individuality, but free writing is much easier in showing this.

  14. Kitt: I don't know how you do it Karen and I applaud you because I would go nuts! Lol I NEEDS my organization! Though, on the other hand, I'm like you in "I'm a mood reader and I find if I schedule reading like that I'm less inclined to like the book which isn't good for anyone." Which is why I try to make sure I give myself plenty of time before it's scheduled, so I'll eventually get to the book on my own terms.

    I really like this meme! Too bad we're too late for this weeks, but we'll make sure to join in on the next! :D

    1. I'm organized - it's just in a post-it notes everywhere in a way that only I understand kind of organization lol

      I can't take on much because if I have a planner full of things I have a breakdown. That really only applies to blogging though. I think it somehow takes the fun out of it for me and I start looking at it as an obligation and turn off from it.

    2. Lolz! Everyone has there own system I suppose! :)

      But I know what you're saying. I think all of us 'Dolls' have gone through a stage of burn out at one time or another and those are no fun. :( I'm hoping that by adding fun posts in now and again it will help. I absolutely love to see posts like these or the weekly memes and I want to do them too!