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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Ramblings....

Across the street from The Strand

I had a busy week! I got to go on a short vacation in NYC. Of course I squeezed in a few bookish pursuits including going to The Strand. What an amazing bookstore! There are so many books - both new and old - that it's almost overwhelming. I'm fairly new to reading but this store made me want to read about things I would have never even thought of before! I didn't have nearly enough time to take in everything so I hope to make it back in May when I go to BEA. Here are a few more pics from inside the The Strand.

I also got to check out the Scholastic bookstore. An AMAZING place for children and YA books. I really had to restrain myself.

But ultimately NYC  is all about the food! It's a good thing we walked a lot!

Goodies that I brought home:

Thanks to my friend Sherry for being the perfect tour guide and



OK - on to the wrap up! Since I didn't do one last week I'll try to cram everything in today.


Ann Aguirre - Enclave (My favorite book in ages! Pre-order this one!)
Cynthia Eden - Deadly Heat (Such a nice person and so friendly to bloggers - a big thing these days!)


Better Know a Blogger:
Links to everyone featured so far: HERE



Coming up: Review of The Lying Game by Sara Shepard, Interview with Author Ally Condie - Matched, Better Know a Blogger and more....

**Also - keep linking your reviews for The Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge! I'm picking a winner for a $10 Amazon Gift Card later today. I'll be using randomizer to pick form the reviews linked so far.**


  1. Thank you, Karen!!!
    I had a blast with you and Kevin!

  2. Never seen a bookstore like that before...looks like a converted library.

  3. It's an amazing place. They have old/new/rare books and a knowlagable staff. The prices are great too. I think they said that they have 18 miles of books.

  4. It's like my dream to go to The Strand (and Scholastic's store looks awesome too)! Thanks for sharing the pics :)