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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Interview with Author Cynthia Eden

As part of the month long Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge festivities, I've asked several authors to stop by for a few quick questions and share some of their writing quirks and inspirations.
First up is paranormal romance and romantic suspense author Cynthia Eden. I had the opportunity to meet Cynthia at the Romance Writers Association book signing in Orlando last year and she is just the nicest person you will ever meet. She even gave me chocolate to sustain me through the night! Now that's an author who's good to her readers!!

Karen: Do you have a ritual or superstition that you follow when it comes to your writing?
Cynthia: Before I start to write, I like to listen to some hard, intense music--mood music. It gets me in an energetic mood so my fingers can fly across the keyboard faster. :-)

K: Is there a must have snack you need to have nearby while you're writing?
C: Yes! Chocolate. Oh, how I need it. Chocolate can give me an inspirational boost when I hit a tough spot in the story.
Karen: Chocolate really is the answer to everything isn't it??

K: Since it's February (the month of love), do you have a favorite literary couple?
Hmmm...Tarzan and Jane. She was so booksmart and he was so...jungle fun. Intelligence and physical strength can combine so well. Tarzan was also very animalistic, and since I tend to write about shifters in my paranormal romances, I'm a bit partial to him.
Karen: What a great I can see where you get some of your character traits from :-))

K: What is the last book you've read that you adored and want to tell people to go buy it NOW?
C: Kresley Cole's DEMON FROM THE DARK was a book I couldn't put down. I love Kresley Cole's writing!

K: You're a very active blogger yourself, how do you think book blogging has changed the landscape of promoting books & authors?
C: I think book blogging has opened up a whole new (online) world for readers. Now authors can communicate with readers directly--we can talk books, characters, plots, and readers can get a direct line of information about new titles. I love the new world that's been created. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with others who love books as much as I do.

Thanks for having me!

K: Thank you for being here today Cynthia! Cynthia has also donated two books to The Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge Prize Pack! Deadly Heat and Deadly Fear
Deadly Fear Deadly Heat

Cynthia's website:
**Cynthia is a very active blogger so be sure to check out her website. She is always spotlighting authors/new book releases and hosting contests.


  1. My Book Buddy just found you, Saturday. She let me know that you are a must read and we are now searching for the rest of your books. Gayles told me "Deadly Heat" was a must read. Passing the word along to the rest of my friends.

  2. Great interview and I agree Chocolate is the answer to anything. I admit I still need read your books. Bad book blogger.

  3. Hi, Jackie1 Please thank your book buddy for me. :)

  4. Thanks for checking out the interview, Julie!

  5. What a great author! I loved the answer to that last question.

    And you could say that Tarzan and Jane started it all.


  6. Great interview! I will definitely check out this author!

  7. Missie, I actually have these seriously old black-and-white Tarzan movies that I pull out sometimes. I am a sucker for Tarzan!

  8. Glad you enjoyed the interview, Logan!

  9. Another great interview. Ah, Tarzan. Brings back memories, lol. Have a good day!

    -Taylor Z

  10. :-) Taylor, hope you're having a great day!

  11. I can't wait to read this book. It looks so good and I am dying to start this series.

  12. Cynthia - thank you for stopping back to answer all the comments. I already read your Eternal series but the Deadly one is up next. I'm hearing great things about Deadly Heat!