For What It's Worth

For What It's Worth

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Ramblings...

Happy Sunday everyone. Another week in the bag. This month has just FLOWN by! or is it just me?
Here's a funny pic I found and then we'll get right to the wrap-up...

Wrap Up:

Guest post:
Authors After Dark Spotlight with Jade Lee - This is one of my favorite guest posts that I've had on the blog. I hope you guys take a minute to read it. Jade talks about finding love & romance in the day to day things like the ever so glamorous throwing out the garbage.

Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge!
Bloggers: You only have a few days left to get those reviews linked HERE! There are lots of great ARC's to won this time around and don't forget to link on my co-hosts blogs if you're a US blogger.

Better Know A Blogger:

Books for the week:
*Devil's Luck by Carolyn Crane I really enjoyed this one! It's available for a limited time if you subscribe to Carolyn's newsletter,
*Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan This book didn't really work for me even though it had a great premise and uber twisty cool ending. The middle was just too uneven but give it a shot if you like your stories creepy.
*Me and Earl and the Dying GIrl by Jesse Andrews I'm only about 20 pages in but I was DYING laughing while reading this last night. Really good so far - guy POV which I love with a heavy does of sarcasm.
Up next:
*Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane I'm really afraid to start this one. This is book #4 in the Downside Ghost series and Stacia never makes things easy for her characters. BTW - for bloggers it's available for review on Netgalley right now.

Team Smackdown & Ultimate Boyfriend Battle!
Zachary from Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade series is battling it out in the final round of the Library Mosaic"s Team Smackdown!

Jeri has pulled out all the stops this time. If Zach wins #TeamKilt gets the ultimate of scenes written from Z's POV:

Nuff said.

Go vote! Voting ends today at 7pm EST

Logan is also battling it out in the Ultimate Boyfriend Battle.

Follow Jeri on Twitter @jsmithready She's got teasers, #SHADEboys chats and giveaways going on throughout the day.

So I think that's everything! Off to read and write a few reviews.....


  1. Love your pics of the the "opportunist" words and the coffee thing. They made me smile!

    So the "Me and Earl" book has a male POV? A sarcastic male POV? That's too delicious!

    Jade's post on reality and romance truly was touching. I was encouraged, just by reading it.

  2. Lol, oh that note is just too awesome :D

  3. HAH, I saw that note on Pinterest the other day and thought it was awesome. I really hope Zach wins. Would love to read the river scene from his POV. RAWR!

  4. Loving that poster so much that I pinched it for my FB page - I hope you don't mind.

    1. Of course not - I unfortunately don't know the original source either.

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