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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Ramblings...

Happy Sunday everyone. Another week in the bag. This month has just FLOWN by! or is it just me?
Here's a funny pic I found and then we'll get right to the wrap-up...

Wrap Up:

Guest post:
Authors After Dark Spotlight with Jade Lee - This is one of my favorite guest posts that I've had on the blog. I hope you guys take a minute to read it. Jade talks about finding love & romance in the day to day things like the ever so glamorous throwing out the garbage.

Ultimate Reviewer's Challenge!
Bloggers: You only have a few days left to get those reviews linked HERE! There are lots of great ARC's to won this time around and don't forget to link on my co-hosts blogs if you're a US blogger.

Better Know A Blogger:

Books for the week:
*Devil's Luck by Carolyn Crane I really enjoyed this one! It's available for a limited time if you subscribe to Carolyn's newsletter,
*Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan This book didn't really work for me even though it had a great premise and uber twisty cool ending. The middle was just too uneven but give it a shot if you like your stories creepy.
*Me and Earl and the Dying GIrl by Jesse Andrews I'm only about 20 pages in but I was DYING laughing while reading this last night. Really good so far - guy POV which I love with a heavy does of sarcasm.
Up next:
*Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane I'm really afraid to start this one. This is book #4 in the Downside Ghost series and Stacia never makes things easy for her characters. BTW - for bloggers it's available for review on Netgalley right now.

Team Smackdown & Ultimate Boyfriend Battle!
Zachary from Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade series is battling it out in the final round of the Library Mosaic"s Team Smackdown!

Jeri has pulled out all the stops this time. If Zach wins #TeamKilt gets the ultimate of scenes written from Z's POV:

Nuff said.

Go vote! Voting ends today at 7pm EST

Logan is also battling it out in the Ultimate Boyfriend Battle.

Follow Jeri on Twitter @jsmithready She's got teasers, #SHADEboys chats and giveaways going on throughout the day.

So I think that's everything! Off to read and write a few reviews.....


  1. Love your pics of the the "opportunist" words and the coffee thing. They made me smile!

    So the "Me and Earl" book has a male POV? A sarcastic male POV? That's too delicious!

    Jade's post on reality and romance truly was touching. I was encouraged, just by reading it.

  2. Lol, oh that note is just too awesome :D

  3. HAH, I saw that note on Pinterest the other day and thought it was awesome. I really hope Zach wins. Would love to read the river scene from his POV. RAWR!

  4. Loving that poster so much that I pinched it for my FB page - I hope you don't mind.

    1. Of course not - I unfortunately don't know the original source either.

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