For What It's Worth

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Month of Treats Presents........A Zombie Sonnet

I asked my blogger BFF Tiger from All-Consuming Books to write one of her popular sonnets for zombie week and she totally outdid herself with this one!

“Zombie Love is Necromantic” by Tiger Holland

A zombie boy has everything that you
could ever need. You know he won’t run out
to spend time with the guys because he’s too
wrapped up in chasing you after your shouts
caught his attention. Zombie boys are not
so focused on externals—yes, they care
about what’s deep inside, and if you’ve got
a need to spill your guts, they’re glad to share.
A zombie boy is not the type to rush
when he’s pursuing someone that he needs.
A zombie doesn’t worry if you gush
and fall to pieces near him. His love feeds
on such displays. A zombie’s love is long! Desire remains—
A zombie boy will steal your heart and still look for your brains.

Karen here! How awesome was that?? THANK YOU Tiger!

BONUS! Here's a video for "Eat you Up" by BOA

This K-Pop song inspired Tiger's sonnet after realizing that the singer sounds like a zombie, talking about eating a boy alive and how she might tear him to bits if he steps closer.


  1. Hahahaha, too cute. "A zomebie boy will steal your heart and still look for your brains." I luff y'all!

  2. That is super awesome! You girls know how to have fun. Thanks for sharing. Could that video be more fitting?

  3. bahaha excellent! :) "...and if you’ve got
    a need to spill your guts, they’re glad to share." haha, really good!

  4. Thanks everyone, and thank you for assigning this super-cool topic Karen! *hugs* Zombies rule.

  5. That was a great sonnet! Come the zombie apocalypse, maybe I'll take into account the fact that the chasing is merely infatuation. Maybe that is the real reason for zombies. They are really just so enamoured by someone that they want them inside them quite literally and will do anything to achieve that goal! Also, they will not mourn your death overly much and can move on to find new love.

  6. Lol! I loved the last part :-)

  7. Cute. It's like Thriller modernized. :)

  8. haha love the poem and by the way - choreographed dancing in videos rocks - it always looks so fun!

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read