For What It's Worth

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Garden & food ramblings…

This is the time of year in the garden where the plants either have toughened up and make it through the summer or they die a tragic, withering death.

After sorting out the tough survivors from the wimps, I added a few new plants to the mix to keep he butterflies coming. The Monarchs and Swallowtails have already started laying eggs which is a little early but makes me very happy – because I garden for them.

Mix of Salvia, Thyme, Coleus, Oregano, Coneflower, Parsley, Coreopsis


New plants – Coreopsis, Purple & White Cone Flower


In the shade - Coleus and Impatiens

Close up - Coleus, Oregano, Curly Leaf Parsley
(The Parsley is a host plant for my butterflies. They lay their eggs then you get this…


Swallowtail Caterpillar!
I get SO excited watching them transform into beautiful butterflies!


My favorite newly discovered place to eat, Yum Yum, is closing up for the summer. *sobs* I don’t blame them – it’s too hot to be cooking in a truck but I’ll be counting the days until they reopen in September.

Here’s our final meal…


Hawaiian Rice Pork bowl, and Chicken, Grilled Asparagus Wrap
But more importantly….



Vanilla Stuffed Cupcake with fresh raspberry filling – topped with fresh whipped cream and toasted coconut.

*My friend Pam has decided to join in with my Garden Ramblings, so if you get a chance stop by and visit here recent post. I love how well she was able to replicate the gardens of NOLA in her own backyard.


  1. This is my first year really trying my hand at gardening and it helps so much to hear you talk about finding the survivors and wimps out of you plants! There's one plant I have that no matter what I do won't stay alive.
    That's amazing you have butterflies and caterpillars in your garden!
    Also, that grilled asparagus wrap looks absolutely delicious! I'd be excitedly waiting for September too, yum!

    1. I've been gardening for a several years now but it's always hit or miss. I've had plants that thrive one year then die the next. OR just sit there never blooming and then all of a sudden grow like crazy. That happened with my Butterfly Bushes this year.

      I used to be terrified of killing things then my mother in law came in and hacked things back or ripped them apart to divide them….I was horrified but everything came back better than before so it taught me to lighten up about it.

  2. My poor parsley is not doing well with these ice cold nights :/

  3. "This is the time of year in the garden where the plants either have toughened up and make it through the summer or they die a tragic, withering death."

    Wow, being a city dweller, I didn't realize the garden was a place of such a life or death struggle. Maybe this could be like a miniseries. Will the parsley crowd out the thyme....

    Jen @ YA Romantics

    1. Do you have a container garden or anything? NYC has so many beautiful secret gardens.

      My thyme usually star compact and the caterpillars chomp down the parsley (it's for them so I don't mine) then it comes back so it stay manageable. My Oregano tends to try to take over though.

      I have to remember to deadhead and pinch things back.

  4. Yum Yum sounds so great!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  5. I need to come eat with you and walk in your yard :)

  6. Holy Stuffed Cupcake Batman!! How do you even eat that thing?! It does look quite tasty though...well minus the coconut. :-P

  7. Awww, thank you for the shout out! I love that caterpillar, even if it's a little "buggy." Is that a butterfly in the first picture at the bottom. Your flowers are so lovely and they look so wild and I love that. I'm sorry your food truck is closing, but now you'll have something to look forward to when summer ends.

  8. Your garden is looking so pretty and green! I like seeing caterpillars as well, for some reason I hardly ever see them here in LA, even though I see plenty of butterflies.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  9. I'm feeling incredibly hungry right now, Karen! :))) Didn't know about parsley and butterflies, - very interesting... Lovely pics, I'm enjoying looking at your garden!

  10. I wish I had time for a garden...Maybe next year I'll try a small raised bed. Yours looks so amazing!