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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tune in Tuesday: WVMP playlist


Tune In Tuesday is a weekly feature in which bloggers get to showcase another one of their loves, music! The feature was originally created and hosted by Ginger over at GReads! but can now be found over at Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands.

This week I’m celebrating the conclusion to one of my all time favorite series,The WVMP Radio Vampire series by Jeri Smith-Ready, with today's release of Lust for Life. Happy book birthday!

*Update: I totally messed up the release date *smacks forehead*. Lust for Life comes out NEXT Tuesday, November 27th! (Goodreads)


For people who don’t already read this amazing series, Jeri’s vampires are quite unique. They are all DJ’s at WVMP Radio – The Lifeblood of Rock n’ Roll. They also get “stuck” in the time of their change so each DJ can only listen to their generation's music. Jeri has incredible playlists for each book in the series and music is integral to each chapter and the plot. (meet the DJ’s here & find playlists for the series here & Lust for Life's chapter playlist here)

Here are a few artists that I’ve been introduced to over the years. 

Ciara by Luka Bloom – This is a song from a pivotal scene in book #1, Wicked Game, between Ciara and Shane.

Luka Bloom - Ciara on MUZU.TV.

Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National- For me The National embodies the mood of this series after Bring on the Night (book #3) where the tone gets a little darker. I can’t listen to The National and not think of the WVMP gang. When I went to their concert they sang this song a little slower and the whole audience sang along. It was awesome and kind of weird having everyone singing about being “carried to Ohio in a swarm of bees” lol

Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle by Cake – the WVMP series is basically all about the rock’n’roll lifestyle…

Creep by Radiohead – I hadn’t listened to Radiohead before reading this series. What was wrong with me??

You Know You’re Right – Nirvana Confession time. I did not like Nirvana before I started reading WVMP, but, there is no WVMP series and more importantly – no Shane MacAllister (Ciara’s swoony vampire boyfriend) without Curt Cobain. I’ve learned to appreciate and love them now.– This is the last song from the last chapter title of Lust For Life.

There are just SO many songs that I would be here all freaking day if I tried to list them all.

Farewell to Ciara, Shane and the gang. I’ll miss you guys!

I’ve been introduced to Bikini Kill,  Liz Phair, Steve Earle, Kate Bush, Dinosaur Jr and many, many more. Not to mention the decades the playlists cover because of the DJ’s “condition”.  If you love music then give this series a shot.


  1. You almost made me cry, Karen!! I have found and rediscovered love for so many amazing songs/artists through this series. I was always a huge Nirvana fan, and WVMP reinforced that. My favorite song moments are
    -"About a Girl" in Ciara's bedroom
    -"Drain You" in the meadow
    -"Everlong" when Shane finally played a Foo Fighters song.

    Okay...this may have been one of my most enthusiastic, geekiest comments ever. WVMP is my favorite UF series and one of my overall favorites ever. I won't let myself miss Ciara and Shane. I'll just reread them forever.

    Thanks for sharing !

    1. Yes! I need a month (or two...or three) of Tune in Tuesday's to properly talk about all the songs/groups I've found or rediscovered through this series.

      WVMP is my all time favorite too and it's made me view to music as the soundtrack of my life. Before, I just never paid attention to the mood or lyrics of a song. It honestly changed my life and I'm so thankful to Jeri for writing it.

      I originally had more songs in this post but I figured everyone but fans of the series would start to glaze over lol

  2. I want to read this series SOOOO much!!! First, because Jeri wrote it. Second, because of you and how much you like it. Third, vampires + music = Perfection! Enough said.

    Say what? You had not listened Radiohead before??? *tsk tsk* I like them very much, and this song it's so goooooood.
    I like Nirvana, but I'm not the biggest fan, just regular lol but they are something special that is for sure.
    That Rock’n’Roll Lifestyle by Cake song it's really good too, first time I listen to it.

    Now I want to read this even more, -___- the joys of unemployment haha NOT! Can't buy anything.

    The first song was block for me :( Thank you for sharing all the awesome tunes ;-)

    1. I hardly even listened to the radio at ALL before I read Wicked Game (the first book)!

      The thing about this series is that I started connecting songs to stories/scenes and they have so much more meaning that way and I ended up loving bands (like Nirvana) that I hated before.

      The Ciara song is very special in the first book but I can definitely see how it wouldn't work for you out of context. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't' have liked it either.

    2. Yes, I like that. I never connect songs to scenes even when there is playlist for the book but this case sounds the perfect thing to do.
      No, I meant that is blocked in my region/country like many things when it comes to music and videos :(

    3. I think you would make the connection with this series. Since they're DJ's, they are actually playing the music during their shifts and Shane (one of the main characters) is a musician and sings a lot of them to Ciara. Swoon!

  3. First off, I adore Jeri! Even though I haven't read this series I know it will be epically awesome just because she is! Second, the playlist for the series rocks! I will most definitely be checking the books soon (hopefully)

    1. The music is even more integral to the story in this series than with the Shade trilogy.

      I'm sure you would love it but it's definitely adult!

  4. I think I have some listening to do :D

  5. Hmm, never heard of this series before, and I'm not really into vampires -- but the music angle intrigues me! Also, gotta love Cake. :)