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Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 2: The Crossroads Blog Tour & Kindle Giveaway - Kiki Hamilton & Dawn Dalton

The Crossroads Blog Tour continues! Today I’m welcoming authors Kiki Hamilton and Dawn Dalton to For What It’s Worth!

After you read my interviews with Kiki & Dawn, be sure to enter for a chance to win a KINDLE – preloaded with books from all the Crossroads Tour authors! (See the end of this post for details.)

Karen: Welcome Kiki! On your website, you say that with reading "you can go anywhere and be anything within the pages of a book." I love that! Where are your favorite places you have been while reading a book?

Kiki: I loved living in Eddis and Attolia with Gen.  Hogwarts, of course. Forks was a fun place to visit (though Edward definitely did NOT look like RPatz….) and Paris was delightful, especially when Etienne was there.

Karen: You have written a new YA Contemporary novel called The Last Dance. How was it different than writing your historical fantasy series; The Faerie Ring?

Kiki: Writing the contemp was completely different.  I listened to a playlist the whole time I wrote, whereas when I write fantasy my office is silent. In one way, writing contemporary is easier for me because it’s the real world – so only certain things can happen, whereas in a fantasy world, you have to create the rules of the magical world and make it believable.

FINAL TTW Cover-150Karen: Is there a genre you would love to try writing but afraid you can't pull off?

Kiki: I’ve never been a reader of straight Science Fiction. I think if I ever attempted that it would come out as some hybrid of two genres.

Karen: What can we expect to see in The Torn Wing, the sequel to The Faerie Ring? 

Kiki: It’s the next chapter of Tiki and Rieker’s lives as they get to know each other better and learn about their own pasts and that of the world of the fey.
Thank you so much for stopping by Kiki!

Author links: Website | Twitter | Books: The Faerie Ring series | Read the first 4 Chapters of The Torn Wing


Dawn Dalton & friend

Karen: Thanks for stopping by today Dawn! You write (mostly) creepy YA and MG fiction. What gives you the creeps?

Dawn: Not to be a walking cliché, but I’ve got to go with spiders. Snakes, rats, and heights rank fairly high, but nothing gives me the shivers faster than seeing a giant, hairy-legged spider staring at me with his beady eight eyes. * shudder * I won’t even go near the insect section of the pet store.

Karen: I think I must be the only person who isn’t afraid of bugs! lol

Karen: Killer’s Instinct, the first book in the Most Wanted series, is creeping me out a bit. Can you give us a little preview?

Dawn: Nice! Killer’s Instinct is the first book in the Most-Wanted Monsters series Judith Graves and I are co-writing and Leap Books is publishing. We’re excited that Leap is testing an innovative, new format by releasing Killer’s Instinct in 6 cliffhanger e-episodes throughout 2013, and then publishing the print book in its entirety in 2014.

Here’s the official blurb for Killer’s Instinct. It’s creeptastic!

KI400Where there is NO life – there’s Hope.

Hope has always been a bit of a freak. But when her mother crawls from her grave and her undead corpse goes MIA, Hope's last thread of normal snaps with a vengeance.

Enrolling in a militia-style school for monster slayers seems the only course of action. And the best bet at tracking her mother down.

But does Hope have a true killer's instinct? If she finds her mother, will she have the guts to do what must be done?

If you’re into monsters, why not check out the Most-Wanted Monster blog, where Judith and I wax poetic about some of the world’s most sought after beasties. Hey, it might even save your life.

Karen: Do you think you could survive a zombie apocalypse? What kind of mad skills could you add?

Dawn: Writing Killer’s Instinct and keeping up the Most-Wanted Monsters blog with Judith Graves has meant doing a lot of research on all kinds of monsters, including zombies. I may not be able to swing a bat with the force required to lop off an undead head (yet) or outrun a horde of the creatures (yet), but I’m like a walking encyclopedia of zombie survival tactics. If nothing more, I’d be able to direct other people on what to do…and hopefully, prove myself useful enough that they’d keep me along for the ride.
Karen: Which scary Halloween creature would you least like to bump into alone in a dark alley?

Dawn: Dracula, because I have serious doubts he’d look like Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgaard.

Karen: But what if he DID look like Ian or Alex? Would that change your mind? lol

Dawn: Thanks for the great questions, Karen. Let us know if Killer’s Instinct is as creepy as you think.
Author links: Website | Twitter | Books: Spirited Anthology | Most Wanted Monsters


Grand Prize and How the Crossroads Tour works:

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Answers are to be emailed to tour host, Judith Graves by October 28th at MIDNIGHT. Winner of the grand prize will be announced on OCTOBER 31st – HALLOWEEN.

The GRAND PRIZE you’re vying for? A brand new KINDLE, preloaded with a title from each of the participating Crossroads Blog Tour Authors. That’s right folks, a free KINDLE preloaded with 13 free titles from the participating authors!

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  1. Yes who doesn't hate bugs, they are nasty things

    1. I thought my spider phobia would get better living in the country - turns out I'm even more scared of them since they are BIGGER in the country. *shudder*

    2. They don't bother me at all. In fact I save them all the time lol

      I live in FL so I figured I had to get over it at some point.

    3. I bow to your bravery, Karen! Thanks for hosting me on the blog. Love your site!

    4. Thanks Dawn! And thank you for stopping by to answer everyone :-))

  2. Hahaha - I love Dawn's reasoning for not wanting to bump into Dracula. (One can hope though right?)

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

    1. Absolutely, one can hope. Can you imagine? *sigh* I tend to be a bit picky about my vampires :-)

  3. Great questions and answers, I love Dawn's sense of humour.

  4. OMG Karen, you live in Florida and you're not afraid of creepy crawlies?! They're the size of economy cars down there! I just about had a nervous breakdown when I was visiting Disney World and saw a ten foot long roach.

    Dawn, you know all vampires probably look like the guy who played Booger in Revenge of the Nerds (ha, reference for the oldies that only one or two of us will get).

    Kiki, I'm completely with you. I'd never be able to write anything approaching pure sci-fi. I probably wouldn't even know it if it hit me in the head, I've avoided it for so long. Maybe now that it's being blended with fantasy and romance, it'll be more accessible.

    Great interviews Karen!

    1. Oh my gosh, Barbara, I clicked the link just to double check if my vision of Booger was right, and yup, that's exactly what I'm afraid of :-)

    2. There are SO many bugs that at some point you have to come to terms with it.

      We have an agreement. Stay out of my way & I'll stay out of yours. lol

  5. Fun interview! Bugs and spiders don't bother me that much either. And I'm with Karen -- I think vampires need to be good looking to lure in their victims....

    1. At the very least I'm sure they can make you *think* that they are Alex and Ian haha!

  6. Eek! So excited for The Torn Wing, even though I'd forgotten it was coming out. I loved The Faerie Ring. I didn't realize Kiki had written contemp fiction too.