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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Ramblings….

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I’m going to get right to my giveaway winners and wrap-up this week!

~ Winners!! Tina &  Melanie R won the Saturday Spotlight Giveaway for Until There Was You by Jessica Scott

~ Wrap-up:
Book Blogger Confessions – Are you even embarrassed of your not so literary gems? Do you scratch your head in confusion while reading the classics?
Tune in Tuesday: Imagine Dragons
Review: Measuring Up by Nyrae Dawn – I really loved this book.
Authors After Dark NOLA Wrap-up – drool worthy food pics!

~ Bloggers!!! We’re in the home stretch for The Ultimate Reviewers Challenge. Less than one week left to get your August reviews linked up! Here’s your chance to win a YA prize pack of awesomeness!!

~ What I read this week:


Speechless by Hannah Harrington – loved this one. A sort of quiet, yet powerful look at bullying and tolerance in high school. A strong protagonist that struggles to do the right thing even if that means losing everyone you thought of as your friend.

A Brush of Darkness (Abby Sinclair #1) by Allsion Pang – A really enjoyable twist on the Fae with heart stopping, sexy Incubus and a horny unicorn. Yup – you heard me….horny unicorn. This book was refreshing, fun and sexy as hell.

A Sliver of Shadow (Abby Sinclair #2) by Allison Pang – I didn’t enjoy this sequel nearly as much as I enjoyed the first book. Love triangle. Which actually made sense here but throwing the guys together with Abby for the last 1/3 of the book resulted in one extended pissing contest scene. Both guys are great so of course someone’s going to get hurt in the end. Not my favorite scenario so I’ll probably give this series up.
The world building and writing is still excellent so if you don’t mind angst and triangles then I would recommend this series.

~Spam: No one enjoys getting spam comments on their blog but I have been getting the most…um….thoughtful? spam comments this week. Here are a couple…

”Something warm unfurled against her heart, like hot steam rising from a hidden vent.” – huh???? (this was from a commenter leaving a link to a certain male enhancement drug – so maybe that explains it.)

”Thanks for youг marvelous pоstіng!
I seriously enјoyeԁ reаding it, you
hаpρen tо bе а grеat
authοr.I wіll be surе to bоokmaгk yоur blοg and ωіll eventuаlly сomе bacκ later іn lіfе.
I ωant to еncourаge you to continue yοur
great ϳob, have a nice evening!”
– This was on my Tune in Tuesday post so I’m not sure how that makes me a great author but thanks!

Coming this week!! Check back tomorrow for my review of Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong and very cool giveaway and Tuesday, Measuring Up author Nyrae Dawn will be stopping by with a guest post and giveaway!


  1. Loved Book Blogger Confessions!!!

    LOL I have been getting weird spam posts too. They all compliment my blog and then link to stuff I'm afraid to click on.

    1. I never click on them either but they're so polite lol

      I guess they're trying a less aggressive tactic!

  2. Speechless was pretty awesome indeed.

    Happy Sunday!
    Talk Supe

  3. The reason I read Pang was all cos of the words horny unicorn, lol

  4. Wow. Steam from a hidden vent. Just wow. I'm not getting much spam these days, so I miss the love.

  5. Steamy spam! I'm getting some, but nothing that good!!! :)

    Did I mention how much I really want to read Speechless?

    - Jessica @ Book Sake

  6. i hadn't seen speechless before, sounds like it has a good message.