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Friday, August 24, 2012

Authors After Dark NOLA wrap up….


This was my first time ever visiting NOLA and I have to admit that I found the experience to be a tad overwhelming. I think that can be attributed to the fact that AAD and the hotel were located right on Bourbon Street.

If you’ve never been, Bourbon Street can be an assault to the senses. The partying and drinking lasts until the wee hours of the morning. Add in quite a few strip clubs and sex shops and I guess it’s just not my cup of tea. I don’t drink so I’m sure that was an issue for me too. There are an abundance of people watching opportunities though!

I do want to add that the people of NOLA are unbelievably nice and helpful and despite all the festivities I always felt 100% safe. Which kind of surprised me because I was warned constantly not to go here or there without a posse of at least 10 people etc. I walked everywhere with my husband or just a few other people in tow and we were always fine.

I can see the allure of the city and I would go back again – I just don’t think I would stay right in the middle of all the chaos.

AAD was an awesome event and I attended several informative panels. For great author photos check out Pam from Midnyte Reader’s AAD Panel post.

I was so excited to catch up with Pam (whom I already know from meeting at BEA) and Tori – the Book Faery. Tori, mama Book Faery and my husband Kevin were pretty much inseparable for the duration AAD. Aaahhh we have some pretty hilarious memories from AAD/NOLA.

I also finally got to meet a few Twitter and blogger friends – Engarde, Missie – The Unread Reader (oh my god – she is so adorable and nice!), Chelsea – Vampire Book Club (SO nice!), Kimberley – Living Fictitiously & her husband Toby. These two of the nicest people you will ever meet. EVER.
Okay – so here are a few pictures from NOLA!

Well – it’s me so you know I’m going to start with food right? My first breakfast was Banana’s Foster French Toast from Stanley:


Then lunch at The French Market – fish tacos. They were delicious (and healthy)!

0-3     0-5

You can’t go to NOLA and not a have a beignet! As everyone says I found the best ones to be at Café Du Monde.


My favorite meal and BEST dessert was at Emeril’s. Yes, it was expensive but SO good. I had the best appetizer of my life there – grilled peach bruschetta with pesto, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella. Died and went to heaven with that one. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture but here’s the banana cream pie – zomg…..


Awesome ice cream at The Creole Creamery! You can even order a sampler bowl and try several flavors.


There are a lot of art galleries in the French Quarter and here’s a picture of a cute sign I saw while strolling through in the morning before the shops opened.


Mer-men! Odd trinket shops abound in NOLA – you can find almost anything from voo-doo dolls to mer-men apparently. Very Black Dagger Brotherhood no? If the Z and company were mer-men instead of vampires of course.


My favorite day was a trip to the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery #1. The place is just so broken yet beautiful and haunting. You can feel the history. I’m not one for tours but I wish I took one while I was here.

0-10   0-11   0-12

0-13   0-14

The Red Dress Run was going on while we were there and it’s a charity run where everyone (men/women, and a few dogs that spotted) wear red dresses. It was so much fun to see until they all got trashed and threw up all over the streets lol Like I said Bourbon Street is all about partying and I’m a little too boring for that at this stage of my life.


This is my biggest score from AAD!!! I had Carolyn Crane sign my Gumby and her two books from my FAVORITE UF series – the Disillusionist trilogy. She is the nicest person and was always funny and informative at all her panels. (I think she might have been on almost everyone too!! Poor girl had to rush around all day Friday!) She also gave me a mini Pokey to go with my Gumby keychain and trading cards from the series.


I already bought my tickets to AAD Savannah! Check out next year’s author line up and events here

If you attended AAD NOLA - don't forget to link up reviews to all the awesome books you received to Midnyte Readers Authors After Dark Reading Challenge!


  1. So nice to meet you as well. :)

  2. that sounds like a blast and love the food pics :) ah you got meet some awesome ladies and gumby was signed :)

  3. Thanks for all the pictures. And the food report. I'm all about the food!
    Glad you had a great time :)

  4. Meeting you and Kevin was a high light of my life. Now- I have another item to cross of my bucket
    List involving you- a concert!!

  5. So Bourbon Street lives up to its reputation huh? LOL Yeah not my cup of tea but still want to go there!! And you met the author of the Disillusionist trilogy, I know how you love it, lucky! :) The dessert looks delicious...*drools*
    Also, you met lots of people, *pouts* not fair hahaha. JK. ;P

  6. Girl! You're making me die of hunger and envy, over here. It all looks so marvelous. I'm so glad you got to meet so many great bloggers and talk with Carolyn "Awesomeness" Crane in addition to witnessing all the weird stuff. :-)

    Still trying to wrap my brain around the Black Dagger Mermen, though...

  7. Ohh signed Crane books :D So cool! And yay Gumby. I so want one to put in happy pose

  8. Okay, I didn't get to check out the Creole Creamery. Need to do that next time. I have been back to NOLA so many times since I first went. I didn't absolutely love it the first time, but it is now my favorite vacation spot.

    I agree that Missie is so incredibly adorable and sweet. I went into that same store with the Mermen ornaments too!