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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

YA Sisterhood Tournament of Heroines - Team Aura FTW

After the incredible success of the YA Crush Tournament earlier this year, The YA Sisterhood is holding it's first ever YA Tournament of Heroines.

Starting at midnight tonight Aura Salvatore from Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade series will be competing against Kaylee Cavanaugh from Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamer series. Which is too bad because I think these two would be great friends.

I know quite a few of you are fans of both girls and both series so this is a particularly tough round.

Jeri has some VERY cool incentives for voting for Aura including having a character named after you in SHINE!

I'm adding a little incentive as well if Aura WINS her first round.

Before we get to that - Jeri is donating $10 for every 100 votes Aura receives (up to 1000 votes) to the Edgar Allen Poe Society of Baltimore to help them keep open the Poe House. Due to budget cutbacks, they're in serious danger of having to shut down this historic landmark, which was featured in SHADE and may *cough* make a reappearance in SHINE. Without generous donations, the Poe House will close in June 2012. (More information here)

I'm going to match that donation, so let's get a lot of votes so we can donate money to a great cause!

Now back to what you will win if Aura WINS!

The Shade series is getting a makeover with all new covers when Shine is released in May 2012. Read all about that on Ficticious Delicious's cover reveal post.

So now you all need a brand new matching set...right?? Well if Aura wins this round of voting, I will give one winner a brand new set of the Shade series with the new covers. Shade & Shift (paperbacks with the new covers) and Shine (hardcover). If you are a US winner those will be signed and personalized by Jeri. (This will be a pre-order - all books release in May of 2012)

So are we ready for tonight?? Oh hell yes!!

Join Aura's advocate, the freaking hilarious, amazing, wonderful (seriously there aren't enough complimentary words for this girl) Brooke from Brooke Reports / @BrookeWorm33 on Twitter, and show your support for Aura. Go grab a button, tweet like a maniac (use #AuraFTW), chat with the Shade Boys!

VOTE HERE starting at 12:01 am 12/14!

That's right! The boys will be back for a very special #SHADEboys chat at 11pm Eastern time tonight. Logan and Zachary will be taking questions about Aura who will be making her Twitter Tourney debut. Sssh....don't tell the boys - it's a surprise.

Fill out the form below to enter the giveaway. (Do not leave your email in the comments - only the Rafflecopter form counts as an entry) Giveaway starts at 12:01 EST 12/14 when voting begins.  If Aura wins her round I will pick a winner Thursday morning. I'm using the honor system and assume that you are indeed voting for Aura. She has to WIN for you to WIN so I think that should be enough incentive to keep you honest :-) - You do NOT need to sign into Facebook to enter - use the name & email option below the Facebook option if you want instead.

*One last public service announcement - Do you want a highly coveted ARC of SHINE? Make a bid over on Christine Johnson's Humane Society Auction ( also included in this auction: Rampant and Ascendent by Diana Peterfreund, both in hardcover, both signed. Bidding ends December 20th). This is the ONLY non-lucky way to get this book. Tis the season for giving! GO BID NOW!

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  1. You're such a great supporter of Jeri and her awesome books/characters. =)

    Thanks for the giveaway, and here's hoping we can get a win for Aura (even though Kaylee is awesome as well! tough that they had to meet up right away).

  2. YAYY! Thanks so much for the wonderful incentives, Karen! I have a giveaway going on, too, here. :)

    AURA FTW!!!

  3. Thank you so much great giveaway hope she wins!

  4. i voted as miki

    thanks you for this international giveaway

  5. I voted for Aura, of course :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  6. The polls are rather close. I really hope to read these books and get to know Aura.