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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Team AuraFTW winner!

Aura Salvatore from Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade series went head to head against Kaylee Cavanaugh from Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamer series in round #14 of the YA Sisterhood Tournament of Heroines yesterday.

It went down to the wire but Kaylee won that round. Congratulations to her advocate and to Rachel Vincent.

But his was Team Kilt & Aura's Army y'all and we know how to have fun and keep the party going!

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I was hosting an incentive giveaway for all three books in the Shade Trilogy if Aura won. That didn't happen but as usual you all came out in force to get her over 1300 votes! That must be rewarded so I'm still picking a winner who will get to choose one book from the trilogy!

And the winner is......

Nicole M!!

*We also raised $470 for the Edgar Allen Poe Society of Baltimore to help them keep open the Poe House. (I'm sending my $100 donation today - there's still time for you to help!!)

*I want to give a BIG, GINORMOUS {{{{{ HUG }}}}} to Aura's advocate Brooke from Brooke Reports /@BrookeWorm33 on Twitter. She wrote an amazing defense for Aura! We love you Brooke - you did us proud!

*Still want a chance to read SHINE (& that castle scene) before everyone else?? Then make a bid over at Christine Johnson's Humane Society Auction! Jeri has donated a highly coveted ARC of SHINE ( also included in this auction: Rampant and Ascendent by Diana Peterfreund, both in hardcover, both signed.)
Bidding ends December 20th). This is the ONLY non-lucky way to get this book.

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