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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Ramblings....

Beau & Dad over looking the North Carolina mountains in the fall.

The ramble: Hey everyone! Fall has finally come to Florida. It's been a beautiful week of sunny crisp days in the 70's and nights in the 40's. Well, that's cold to me - I'm a wimpy Floridan now.

Went to a Filter/Chevelle/Bush concert this week. It was fantastic, although I'm pretty sure I lost some hearing at that one :-)

I'm pondering Halloween decorations. All the neighbors keep asking what we're going to do so I feel pressured. We usually go all out since Halloween is my favorite holiday but I'm feeling lazy this year. Inspiration will probably hit 2 days before and I'll be scrambling to find what I'm looking for but no one will have it.

On to the Wrap up!

(and I loved both of them! Very very rare for me so YAY!)

Character interview with Logan Keeley from Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade series (giveway too!)

I'm hosting A Month of Treats with Julie from My 5 Monkey's! There are three giveaways on my blog right now - click here to find links to them all. All giveaways are international and end 10/30.

Coming up!
Zombie week! An interview with author Jesse Peterson, zombie sonnets and more giveaways!
The Spooktacular Giveaway Hop starts tonight! I'll be giving away a book of your choice from any October release.

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  1. How pretty :D I want to go there, what a view

  2. Just be glad you don't live in Minnesota. We've had 40 degree DAYS. lol We are up to 60 today though, so I will be enjoying it!

    I haven't heard or thought about Chevelle in a long time...I will have to look them up again.

  3. 70 degree days is cold so I know how you feel. Don't procrastinate on the decorations stop by a store every once and a while and pick something up :) thought I suspect you probably have some giveaways stored away right?

  4. Ah, you live in one of those pressur-y neighborhoods. :-) Folks in my neck of the woods had their Halloween decorations up in mid-September.

    Love your xkcd comic about people being wrong on the internet.

  5. Beautiful picture. And we don't do the decorations for Halloween. I know many enjoy it, but it's just so much work. Oh well. If you do the decorations I hope you have a wonderful time with them. :)

    And looks like such a busy week!