For What It's Worth

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Ramblings.....

It's HOTTER than hell out so I'm hibernating indoors trying to catch up on all my reading and blogging.....and sleep. For once I'm not off on yet another road trip. I'm too old to travel so much!

On the positive side, this is my favorite time of year at the farmer's market. It's kind of the last hurrah for the veggies before it gets too hot & buggy to grow things. (I'm in Florida)

Well that was riveting.....onto the Wrap up!

Kind of slow here this week ( see above - traveling + old = no blogging)

BEA Wrap Up Part 3: FOOD!!

My pal and author Reena Jacobs launched her Kickstarter Campaign for her new book I Loved You First

Today is the last day to enter to win Graveminder by Melissa Marr HERE

Coming up: I have one more BEA Wrap Up post, a few reviews and the Mid Summer's Eve Giveaway Hop coming up this week.

*If your looking for a different sort of In My Mailbox this week may I point in the direction of Bookmarc Blogpants?

I, being the nice person I am, sent him a bookmark. Seems harmless enough. Marc used the occasion to post his first IMM.

What follows is hilarious or creepy - depending on your level of humor.

*Marc's tweet: "The following post contains terrible poetry, me naked in the bath, lawsuits, perving at a woman's legs, me taking a dump & a bookmark". (@MrBlogpants)

Still curious? Go check it out - but you have been warned.

(and I may not ever send anything to Marc again - or I will do it

And Happy Father's Day - Have a great relaxing Sunday everyone!!


  1. Me? Creepy? Hilarious? Just a little left of the middle I am. :)

  2. Ha! This was funny! Going off to check out your food posts.