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Friday, June 17, 2011

Blog Hop!!!!!!

Hey there! It's been a few weeks since I participated in the Friday hops. Welcome to For What It's Worth!

Hop around, leave a link - I hop back.

This week's hop moment of bunny zen.

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jen from Crazy For Books.

Question: How many books are in your TBR pile right now? Ughhhh....too many. I already had shelves and Kindle full of books to read, then I went to BEA and got at least 100 more.....then for some bizarre reason I just bought a few more books. I think we all know - it's a illness.

Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee.

Question: What is your favorite genre and which book made it your favorite? I don't have a favorite genre. I get bored if I read too many similar books. Recently I have read two amazing dystopian novels though. Enclave by Ann Aguirre and Divergent by Veronica Roth

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I also have a few contests if you're interested. You can win a copy of Graveminder by Melissa Marr (ends 6/19 international) & Whirlwind by Robin DeJarnett (ends 6/17 US only) 
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  1. What the hell is that thing masquerading as a bunny? I will have nightmares about that tonight!
    You are right of's an illness. We all have more books than we need but we require the "thrill" of getting more. So our TBR piles are way out of control.
    As for genres I plumped for fantasy although I do enjoy different genres.

    And I got your surprise in the mail. I'm going to try and do it justice by participating in 'In My Mailbox' this week for the first time ever and devoting an entire post to it. My mind is swimming with ideas already!

  2. Yes I understand book buying is an illness . I admit that I have a problem with books.
    Yeah for loving Divergent :)

  3. Hopping over from the Hop! I have to say first, I love your blog! Did you design it?
    A lot of people got hundreds of books from BEA. I didn't get to go this year but I'm definitely going next year. I really just want to see what it's like and meet some authors! haha.

    My Hop is here:

  4. It is hard to just pick one. I love memoirs, chick lit, and mysteries. But like you, I get bored reading the same genre for too long.

  5. New follower stopping by. I really want to read Divergent!

    Check out our hop and FF
    Under The Covers

  6. Hi there new follower here from the hop! Love your blog! :)

    Dystopian is a great genre and one of my favorites too!

  7. Hopping by...cute bunny!

    I have too many books, too, but I'm whittling them down. Here's MY BLOGGER HOP POST

  8. haha - I know the feeling. I don't have any more space on my bookshelves for books, but that doesn't mean I can exercise any self control when walking past a bookshop. I just have to go in and purchase!

  9. Oh good one with Enclave.

    I look at book buying as a fetish that I happen to love. I have a similar with shoes. Can't have too many of either! :D

    Happy Friday!

  10. I also had a hard time pinning down a favorite genre. And I agree, Divergent and Enclave were wonderful reads!

  11. This Hop's question makes me want to put up a banner: Book Addicts Unite! :)

  12. Love your bunny pic!
    Happy blogging.

  13. I have the same illness. I can't stop buying books even though my tbr pile is getting to be over 200.

    I also really like the look of your blog. I think I've said that before.... Where did you get the background?

  14. Isn't this fun! Just hopping from blog to blog and enjoying what everyone has to say. Love the bunny! Thanks for sharing today.

  15. Hello! New follower from FF here. Great blog. I really enjoyed Divergent, as well, and have Enclave on my wish list. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

    Marla @ Starting the Next Chapter

  16. HI
    Just hopping by! My TBR list is in the thousands - and that is just ones I own!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  17. OLD FOLLOWER....I only have 29 books waiting to be read...physical books that is. I hope I answered the question correctly.

    My favorite genre is historical fiction. I also like mysteries.

    Just stopping by to say hello and to take a look around.

    I am having a Father's Day giveaway on my blog if you would like to stop ends at midnight tonight.

    Hope you can visit.