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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guest Post: Nico Rosso author of The Limit War & a Giveaway!

Author Nico Rosso is stopping by to talk about his first foray into writing Sci-fi romance. He'll also be giving away a copy of the first book in his Limit War series: Taken To The Limit

Taken To The Limit
“Welcome to the Limit War.” E.R. Doctor Korina Antonakis thinks she has mastered the chaos of her work and life. In a flash of light, everything changes. A man appears, a soldier from another world. Sergeant Morrow is a Nightfighter, an elite soldier who always battles alone. But he needs an ally on Earth, a doctor. In the dark of night, he opens Korina's eyes to The Limit War. And Earth is on the front lines. More amazing than the interstellar war, is the soldier before her. He is strong and stoic, a veteran, but beneath the armor, Korina finds the heart of a man. And in Korina, Sergeant Morrow finds the soul of a warrior to match his own. Their lives had started light-years apart, but the attraction between them pulls like destiny. Their desire is real, but the enemy needs to be driven from Earth. Can Korina and Sergeant Morrow's passion survive in the Limit War? (Sci-fi, romance,erotica)

You can read my reivew HERE

Guest post by Nico Rosso:
The alien space ship has landed. The door opens. A mysterious hand beckons you inside. It will be the ride of your life. Do you take it? Of course you do. It’s an opportunity to step off our world and into another.That’s what Sci-fi romance is, a journey. Even if it takes place on Earth, as my Sci-fi
romance TAKEN TO THE LIMIT does, it is still a voyage into the unknown.
The same can be said of urban paranormal or historical romance. They take us
into a place where, without the book, we can’t go. So the romance reader is already
familiar with taking the leap. Opening the book is like opening the door to the alien
spaceship. Where will it take me?
It may seem like an isolated sub-genre, but Sci-fi romance is universal, no matter
what universe it’s taking place in. Unless your e-reader is cooler than those I’ve found,
any Sci-fi romance you’ll find was written on Earth. Elements of our cultures and
societies will leak into the writing, helping ground the reader. And they’ll give us new
perspectives on what is going on around us. How often has Science Fiction been used to
comment on our current life and where we’re headed? 1984. 2001. Those years have
passed, but the books are still relevant insights into our world.
And as for the romance, Sci-fi is the perfect setting. The possibilities are
limitless. Grand scenarios can be constructed to make the heroes and heroines extra
strong, smart and sexy. Even aliens can be sexy. When I’m writing primary alien
characters, like Sergeant Morrow from TAKEN TO THE LIMIT, I think of them as
being played by humans. As if the role was cast from Earth. That way, their bodies
and features are close enough to ours so the reader can identify with them. And the sex.
Who wants to figure out what a Mitoplian pleasure dentricle is? My human character,
Dr. Korina Antonakis, certainly doesn’t and I don’t know if the reader does either. By
casting humans to play the aliens (with small adjustments to make them unique), we’re
sure that all the characters’ sensitive body parts correspond.
So open the spaceship door, the book cover or the e-reader and leap into the Sci-
fi journey. Like all romance, it’s an opportunity to be swept up and carried into a world
that is not our own and to go on the adventure of a lifetime.
QUESTION: If the ship arrived and the door opened, would you get on (assuming
there are assurances you won’t be brunch)?

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Thank you for stopping by today Nico!

Nico Rosso is also giving away a copy of Taken to the Limit (e-format) so just leave a comment to enter. I'll pick a winner Monday January 24th!


  1. Sounds like an interesting book. I'd love to give it a try.

    bigferret at email dot com

  2. Hello Nico!

    Ooh that book sounds exciting! I would love to read that!

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  3. Looks like an intriguing read. I'd love to give it a go!

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  4. Taken to the Limit sounds like a great story and I'm looking forward to reading it.
    If the ship arrived and the door opened, yes, I'd jump at the chance to get on, with assurances that I wouldn't be harmed (or eaten).


  5. It's been a while since I've read a good sci-fi book.
    I'd definitely jump aboard as long as my family could go to.


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  6. Oh please also enter me in the giveaway - sounds right up my ally :)

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  7. Thanks for the giveaway! Please count me in!


  8. Sure, as long as I'm not brunch, why not get on and have a new adventure!

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