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Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: Taken to the Limit (The Limit War book #1) by Nico Rosso

Taken To The LimitE.R. Doctor Korina Antonakis thinks she has mastered the chaos of her work and life. In a flash of light, everything changes. A man appears, a soldier from another world. Sergeant Morrow is a Nightfighter, an elite soldier who always battles alone. But he needs an ally on Earth, a doctor. In the dark of night, he opens Korina's eyes to The Limit War. And Earth is on the front lines. More amazing than the interstellar war, is the soldier before her. He is strong and stoic, a veteran, but beneath the armor, Korina finds the heart of a man. And in Korina, Sergeant Morrow finds the soul of a warrior to match his own. Their lives had started light-years apart, but the attraction between them pulls like destiny. Their desire is real, but the enemy needs to be driven from Earth. Can Korina and Sergeant Morrow's passion survive in the Limit War? (Sci-fi, Erotica)

I read this novella in a few hours on Christmas day. Taken to the Limit is the first in a new series called The Limit War and to say that author Nico Rosso packed a lot of story into a small space is an understatement. He set up the foundation for a space war, the pairing of soul mates, Dr. Korina Antonakis and Alien soldier Sgt. Morrow, zero gravity sex and the future of the series in just under 70 pages.
Taken to the Limit has a few things that typically annoy me, insta-love and time outs for sex when the world may be ending but for some reason it didn’t bother me too much here. Yes, I wish there was more character development and a slower build up to their relationship but I am judging this as a novella and for me it worked. As I’ve said there is a lot of information packed into a small amount of time and Rosso keeps the action going and the tension high.
The only thing I wished there was more of was information about the war itself. I was very interested in the aliens and the technology. There was a nice set up and explanation for The Limit War and introductions to what I assume are characters we will be seeing more of in the future but this was more of a romance/erotica focused story.
Another thing that I liked is that Rosso kept the space jargon just techie enough that I believed it without it sounding too foreign or so simplistic that it sounded like a current term with a word added to it to make it seem futuristic….like tacking on the word laser or tech and voila! we have new space terminology. I have actually read in another recent sci-fi book the term text disc to describe what they use to study from instead of the word books…’s called a CD/DVD – we have them now. Call me crazy but I want my futuristic sci-fi to actually be futuristic.

Rating 3 out of 4 Overall a quick, fun sci-fi read with some steamy romance thrown in for good measure.

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  1. Karen, taking time out for sex when the world is ending is super high on the priority list. LOL

    Wow. Seems like a lot happens in this story story, and though I'm not usually into anything having to do with Sci-fi stuff, this sounds good because jargon wont be over my head. At least I hope it won't be.

    Thanks for sharing your thought on this one.

  2. Missie your comment made me laugh. I'm not into Sci-Fi too much either, but I'm glad you enjoyed this. Sometimes novellas are the perfect thing in between novels.