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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Better Know A Blogger: Jamie - bookmarked!

Your Name: Jamie

Name of your blog: bookmarked -  

When did you start Bookmarked Reviews? January 2010 - I still feel very much like a newbie.

Number of followers? 66 and counting

What do you review? Young Adult! I also enjoy reading adult fiction, nonfiction, religion, and history, but bookmarked is primarily dedicated to YA lit.

How did you get the name for your blog? I liked the play on both books and the web. You use bookmarks while reading, and you bookmark your favorite websites.

How would you describe your blog? Well, my blog really only consists of my reviews at this point. I started blogging because I was tired of boring my fiance with incredibly long book descriptions over dinner. I may at some point have other features, but I wanted to blog because I wanted to share my opinion of the books I read.

What kind of blogger are you? Very organized or fly by the seat of your pants? It's sometimes a struggle, but I try very hard to stay organized. I keep my trusty notebook handy which has all of the books I have for review/tours/library and their due dates. I also have a checklist of the reviews I have yet to write. It keeps me sane, and it feels really good when I'm able to check something off the list.

What is your favorite review or post for your own blog? It's a tie. I was really proud of both my Some Girls Are and Catching Fire reviews.

*Karen here! I love when bloggers feel strong emotions about a book the've read and it comes out in their reviews. You can really see that in the the two above reviews Jamie has chosen! Also, I'm a little biased - she's a "Team Peeta" so she gets my undying loyalty based just on that!*

Your favorite blog? Probably The Story Siren - Kristi is super nice and helpful, and her blog is pretty much on top of all the latest news and books in YA lit. When it comes to recommending book blogs, hers is usually the first that comes to mind.

What are you currently reading? I'm currently reading Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

Here are a few pictures of Jamie's growing library and TBR pile!


Thanks for stopping by Jamie!

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  1. Awesome interview! I really like how its about bloggers-it makes it really interesting to read! :)

  2. Jamie - you have an awesome blog :)

    Karen - Team Peeta is DOOMED!!! :P

  3. Bella - now let's not bring poor Jamie into our epic battle :-))

    Jamie - Ignore Bella - these are just the rantings of a mad woman knowing that she is soon to be on the losing end!! TEAM PEETA!