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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My music pick for today ties into Bring on the Night by Jeri Smith-Ready.
For those of you that are already fans of Jeri's WVMP radio vampire series - you know that music plays a big role in both Jeri's writing and in the mood of the books. It's almost a character in itself.

Click HERE to check out the playlists for Wicked Game & Bad to the Bone.

So I thought I would share what I was listening to while reading Bring on the Night - Jeri's 3rd installment in the series.

Vaporize by Broken Bells:

And here are the lyrics:

What amounts to a dream anymore?
A crude device; A veil on our eyes
A simple plan we'd be different from the rest
And never resign to a typical life

Common fears start to multiply
We realize we're paralyzed
Where'd it go, All that precious time?
Did we even try to stem the tide?

Why should we waste it on
Buying into the same old lies?
The longer we wait around
The faster the years go by

It's not too late
To feel a little more alive
Make an escape
Before we start to vaporize

Doubtless, we've been through this
So if you want to follow me you should know
I was lost then and I am lost now
And I doubt I'll ever know which way to go

Ahhhh....brings me right back! It's a beautiful song and really fits the mood of the book.

And another group I listened a lot to while reading Bring on the Night was The National  CD High Violet.

High Violet

What are you listening to this week?

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  1. This week i have been mostly listening to 9 Crimes (Demo Version) by Damien Rice. It was on True Blood ep 4 i think, nice track. Also been listening to The XX - Islands and Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work. :-)