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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Skanky: True Blood Edition

True Blood is over the top insane and it doesn't get any crazier than Sunday's episode. So here's my list of "the good and the bad" - True Blood.

The Good:

*Franklin Mott....Franklin Mott.....Franklin Mott.

I admit - I wasn't a big fan when he first showed up. I thought why add one of the lesser players from the book to an already over crowded show? Shame on me!
He makes this show worth watching! And almost makes it tolerable to have Tara in the scene

With lines like these:

"She's a f--king disaster. We could be twins. The attraction is electric"

"Wanna see how fast I can text motherf**ker?"

This man deserves an Oscar! Tara - please become his Vampire Bride - we can not lose him on this show!!

* Tara - I kind of get a sick thrill watching her be run down by wolves, being fed day lilies, and having even a houseful of vampires realize she's too annoying to bother with.

*Eric - only he can look good in a mint green v-neck sweater.

* Honorble mention to Talbot who was my favorite until Franklin went ape-shit crazy! He has good taste in men and he hates Tara.

The Bad:

* Bill, Lorena, Sam, Sam's family, the police department, Crystal, Russell.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

*Why is Alcide the only good looking werewolf?? All the others are ugly redneck losers. No offense. That alpha??? WTF?? Alcide - hell even Sookie could have pummeled him.

* Tara - why is she still here? She makes the freakiest noises & faces when she's having sex or being strangled.

I'm skipping ugly and going right to skanky:

* Debbie Pelt. ewwww. Her and Alcide? Really?? She's kind of funny but eewwwww.

One more thing .....

I fell like I got cheated out of Eric's spandex "yield to me" scene last year - so I'm really bummed that they haven't done Alcide and Sookie talking about his "bunny ass" tattoo. I loved that scene in the book! Maybe they are waiting to show it instead??? hehe

I tape True Blood on Sunday's and watch it while live tweeting on Monday or Tuesday. It's so much fun when everyone jumps in with their comments - so follow me on twitter @teamsheltie for next week's installment!


  1. Love it! And agree with your analysis. The live tweets are great too. Makes the show a lot more interesting when I watch it afterwards.

  2. There is no way that Debbie would have landed someone that looks like Alcide. Ever.

    I would have loved the pink spandex scene from book 2! That was one of the moments that made me fall in love with Eric:) And I would love a bunny tattoo discussion.

  3. I love this show too. I watched last weeks episode yesterday. I'm with you on liking Franklin. I wasn't sure about him at first either.

  4. Haven't seen last week's episode and I have to agree things are spiraling into crazy land. And yes why, why is Alcide the only hot werewolf? Why is that? That is injustice right there.

  5. Love love love Franklin, i laughed pretty much through the whole of his scenes.
    Did enjoy Tara being taken down by the Were, that should happen more.
    More shirtless Alicide please and less of Bill...yawn!

    It looks like this season may turn out even less like the book than last season. I was looking forward to seeing Eric in the spandex aswell but its just like Bubba, it will never happen.

    Thank you......thank you very much!

  6. I agree with everything in this post :) I love Franklin Mott. Dh and I had to rewind (thank you DVR) the texting scene and watch it again. I laughed hard. Oh and Eric in the sweater *drools*.

  7. I haven't watched season 3 yet. :( But I love TB and especially the scene from the book with Eric and the spandex. Actually all the "eric parts" of the books are awesome!

  8. ROFLAO I feel the same way. Too bad we have to wait until next year for more. I think we all should write the writers and tell them to show more of Eric and Alcide's bodies. That would make the show rock.