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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Ramblings......

Indy & Beau

This weeks post will be a little different - I'm going to wrap up the week with what I learned about BEA to be prepared next year!

*But first - I'm getting a blog redesign by Parajunkee Design! I've seen it and I'm so in love with my new header and design. Can't wait for the big reveal!! 

OK BEA stuff.......

My tips for smoother BEA next year:
*Ship your boxes from the USPS. It's down the street from Javits (less than $5 by taxi) and you can ship it either priority flat rate - $14.95 up to 70 lbs & have your books when you get home like I did or cheaper by media mail - it will just take a little longer. Bring a roll of packing tape. DO NOT use Fed Ex at the Javits center.
*Bring a rolling luggage bag - one big one or two small ones. Check it for $3 a day and dump your books in there throughout the day!
*Wear comfortable shoes!! I know everyone said this and I did but it can not be overstated. BEA is not the time to buy new cute shoes to break in. No on is looking at your feet!
*For the ticketed authors - they open at 6:45am but get there at around 5:30 to be up front. Too much later than 6 and the line is too long. bonus - they opened early Wednesday and I was out of there by 6am!
*Have text messaging and exchange numbers before you go to BEA. You can't hear on the phone and despite any plans you may have had at meeting up with someone - there is no time!
*Bring a snack and some bottled water. It's expensive to eat at Javits and again....there's no time.
*Write down author name/booth number AND publisher because there are no freaking booth numbers in the isles!! I had to play "Where in the world is Simone Elkeles" three times in two days!!
*Team up with other bloggers and bypass that whole Harlequin chaos! As a super team you are invincible - able to get three signed books in a single 2 minute bound! (Thank you Heather & Tori!)

Things I MUST to do before BEA next year:
*Invent cloning technology.....but not share it. If you have it too then I need even more copies of myself and you can see how that just won't work for me!
*Train for a triathlon. That should get me in good enough shape. Seriously. You have NO idea what lugging all those books around while walking several miles for two days will do to you.

But know this - no matter how well you plan you can't plan enough! It's chaos but it was a blast and I can't wait to go back! I will stay longer and see more people (I hope).

Here's a quick wrap up for the week:


Blog Hop post with all my BEA links: HERE. The books, the swag, NYC....

Music: I posted a video by Weezer of a cover they did of MGMY & Lady GaGa HERE

Have a great Sunday everyone!!



  1. I totally agree with bringing the rolling luggage bags and dumping the books. My shoulders were burning for days. Also, telling publishers to send you the books after BEA is helpful, you get the book eventually and you save yourself pain. :)

  2. You can ask the publishers to do that?? I did not know that. I brought one rolling carry on this year but next yr I'm bringing two!!

  3. Oh - and bring your own - on call chiropractor and masseuse.

  4. Okay, this all sounds painful, but also makes me desperate to go to BEA next year. I want to be part of the chaos!

  5. I will be using Parajunkie's talent too this year. Hopefully by Christmas. Was going to be sooner but then my husband was laid off and now I have to focus all of my salary on boring things like mortgage and car payments and groceries. Great minds think a-like and meet in Brandon Mull lines it seems. ;)

    The lack of numbers on the booths was very frustrating! Especially when one is given a ticket and told to go to booth 4244 (or whatever it was) and you can't FIND it. Then when you do (because you know it's somewhere in the Harper Collins area) you get told "oh, sorry, we don't have any books left". Grr.

    Also a note - have a lot of patience because the crowds are mob-like, large and you have to push your way through them to get to where you need to go. And you wait in a lot of lines (harder than the walking around) but sometimes you meet great people in those lines!

  6. You mean that you chose your house/food & car over your blog??? Crazy hehe
    That booth thing bugged me since I had made very detailed lists - so it was frustrating to STILL get lost!
    Yes, it's a lot of hurry up and wait at BEA. I have to say that with a few exceptions that everyone is sooo nice that I didn't mind waiting - it was kind of fun! Got to meet great people like you Cat!

  7. I'm so jealous! I wish I could afford a blog design by Parajunkee. As it is, I'm in the process of making an attempt at redesigning Book Faery myself. Another blogger agreed to make a header for me, and I already have buttons by her, so I just have to get everything else done. Ack!

    The three of us were awesome during the paranormal hour. Just gotta say we need to do that again next year. And I'm going to be bringing a rolling back with me too so that during a lunch break I can dump all my books.

    I heard people got some of their books stolen by dumping everything throughout the day. Did you put a lock on your bag? That's probably something I would do if I checked my bag in early.

  8. Sounds like you guys had great of fun & sore feet! I'd love to go to something like that, but I don't think I could handle the crowds, I'd have to slink around after dark. Thanks for taking us with you on your trip Karen! :o )

  9. Hey! How did you like 13 to Life and Mistwood? Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Wow Karen, your new layout looks AMAZING!! Loving it!! Congrats! :-D