For What It's Worth

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I first heard Weezer's cover of MGMT's "Kids" mixed with Lady Ga Ga's "Poker Face" last month on Sirius AltNation Alteration weekend. I love it and I think it makes a nice laid back summer song!
Weezer played it a few times at their concerts and it became so popular that they went to the studio to record it - the video is a little blah but I still like the song.



  1. I'll listen as soon as I get a moment alone! I LOVE Weezer, and I've been 'collecting' cover songs for a few years now. It's always good to hear someone else's take on a well-known song.

  2. OMG I freaking love it. I love MGMT and Weezer, and this is so awesome. Thanks for sharing! :) It's definitely going on my playlist.

  3. A little 'blah' indeed but kind of fun. Strange though that whilst I got to hear the lyrics, my screen remained blank of video.

  4. Petty - hmmm I can see it on my computer but honestly you're not missing much when it comes tot he video. Basically bad concert footage pieced together.
    It's just a fun summery kind of song - nothing too deep. It gets the toes tapping :-)

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  6. Awesome, love it! Thanks Karen!!!