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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Ramblings.............

This week I had my first Twitter only contest for the DVD of Dr. Horrible and the winner was Heather! Go visit her blog at Darkly Reading! So make sure you follow me on Twitter (@teamsheltie) so your ready for the next contest.
I also made it to my 45 blog followers in record time and the winner of the $45 gift card was Scott! Congratulations and I hope you all keep following even without the lure of gift cards!

We discussed if a beautiful cover makes you buy a book even if you don't know anything about it HERE

Leaving Gee's Bend
The Oracle of Dating
The Movie: Alice In Wonderland

CONTEST! This is the last day to enter to win both Fragile & Broken by Shiloh Walker ENTER HERE

*Blog Spotlight: If you like YA romance or Historical Romance go check out In the Hammoock Blog. Carrie does a great job at reviewing books and her blog is beautiful!

Coming up this week:
When I love a book I really love a book. I even get a little obsessed about it....reading it over and over, harassing people to buy it. You will see in the coming months what I'm talking about - I have a few things planned pertaining to my favorite authors.
Up first is Willow by Julia Hoban. This was by far the best book I read last year. I've read it many times but I still get totally sucked in everytime. Willow was released in paperback this month and to celebrate I'm dedicating the whole week to Willow and Julia Hoban.
First up is a contest of course! I'm giving away a copy of Willow.
I'll post my review and then a little something special for those of you that have already read the book. I won a "marked up" (the author writes notes throughout the book) copy of Willow last year at a charity book auction. I will explain more about that and how you can participate yourself when the auctions start back up in August and I will be sharing the "mark ups". If you are a fan of this book you won't want to miss it. I'll tell you why Julia chose the names "Willow" and "Guy", the inspirations for different scenes and more!
I'll also have an interview with Julia.

See - like I said....obsessed!

This week's pet is "Bob" the stuck up cat (or so his owner says) sent in by Maresa. Awwww - leave poor Bob alone!
If you have a pet send your picture in and I'll use it in a Sunday post!!



  1. Thank you so much for the shout out, Karen!! I really appreciate it :)) Willow sounds awesome!! I'll come back to check out your review :)

  2. Thanks again for the DVD! I love Dr. Horrible! I've never heard of an author "marked up" book. It kind of sounds like watching a Director's commentary during a DVD. It sounds interesting!

  3. Carrie - your very welcome :-) I love your blog!

    Heather - enjoy Dr Horrible! Very funny..and the marked up books are just like the director's commentary. It is a really cool thing to have & I was lucky enough to win two of my favorite books!