For What It's Worth

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunday ramblings........

So this has been a fun week for me......the total for the auctions to benefit Doctors Without Borders came to $1600.00! When I came up with the idea I thought we could make maybe $500.00 so I'm so thankful to all of you who bid and helped get the word out!! I feel like the "little blog that could" :-)

I still have a few contests going on. The first is a chance to win all 3 books in the Amanda Feral series signed by author Mark Henry. Enter HERE . Then Mark was nice enough to send over a Vlog with another chance to win one of his books - watch the video and enter HERE . Come on peeps...a chance to win FREE books - just for commenting! Get your snark on!

I have a post up discussing "REAL" vampires. I'd love to hear what you think so feel free to share your opinion HERE


Contest - I'll be giving away a copy of HURT LOCKER so check back for that Monday!

Reviews - Back to YA - I'll be reviewing "Tagged" by Mara Purnhagen, and "Vintage Veronica" by Erica Perl

Blogger picks - check out Tiger Holland's "Sonnet Sunday" book reviews! Reviews done in sonnet form.

This Sunday's picture is of "Aly" (yawning) & her sister "Evy" (inspecting) - 11 month old brindle lab sisters, sent by their mom Sharon. Check out more of Sharon's photography here -
and if you have any pictures of your pets - dog/cats/fish whatever! Send them to me and they may make it to one of my Sunday posts!


  1. Oh my josh, thanks for the mention! And I look forward to your thoughts on "Tagged"--and "Vintage Veronica" has piqued my interest. :-)

  2. OMG, wait until my granddaughters see the pic of Aly & Evy on the web. The G-daughters thought they were really something when a pic I took of them won a Digital Pic of the day and it was on the web! They told me the other day that they used to be 'The Girls' now the dogs are. :o( Teens are so funny.
    Thank you for putting Aly & Evy on your blog!!!
    And Thank you for the work you did to raise money for Dr. Without Borders! You did a fantastic job!!!
    Sharon K

  3. Tiger - I enjoy the Sunday Sonnets!

    Sharon - Glad you like the pic - it was my favorite. I'm sure you'll take a great picture of the GK and they will be back on top :-)