For What It's Worth

Friday, March 5, 2010

Vlog with Mark Henry!

Author Mark Henry (author of the Amanda Feral zombie series)  is here today with a vlog giving us his random thoughts about Twitter, choice of snack foods, telling you how to vlog and learn how to take pictures of fat people (aka: himself)..

Ooh prizes!

Watch the vlog - pay attention - Mark  will ask you to do something - do it for a chance to win a free book! (Don't worry it doesn't involve compromising your integrity or selling your soul...........maybe your friends, but not yours!)

You can read my review of the series HERE
Don't forget to enter my contest to win ALL 3 books in the Amanda Feral series HERE

Thanks for stopping by Mark!

..................he'll be checking your comments so make them worthy.


  1. okay, your public service announcement cracked my shit up. *giggles like a loon*

    i bought your books, and i have the receipts to prove it! [hey, i bought Happy Hour of the Damned back in '08, so i haven't come late to the party] i don't want to move on, so let's not speak of such things, hmmm?

    a blind item.... *thinks hard* okay, i have yet another sign that i am the most boring person in the universe... got it:

    Judging from the amount of excessive touching happening last night between a certain brunette and the man who is not her husband, I am of the opinion that Mr. X is laying more pipe on my block than he does at work.

    *makes a note to spend more time peeping at the neighbor's house* :D


  2. OK - you win by default so_mercurial - but it was a good comment!