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Saturday, January 16, 2010

DVD / DVR Roundup

Things I watched this week on DVD and the DVR:

9 DVD:
"9" (the animated movie, not the musical) It was visually stunning, especially in Blu-ray but the story just didn't grab me. Not a bad movie - just not a good one either.

Carriers - Starring Chris Pine, Piper Perabo. Boring......a few good moments but overall blah.

Doctor Who - "The Waters of Mars" - Loved this episode. Kind of dark with some good twists. Two episodes (with David Tennet as the doctor) left to watch.The previews for the next season look good but I'm not so sure about the new doctor....looks kind of weird.
Chuck - on NBC Monday nights. I didn't enjoy the first two episodes too much. Way too much music blaring. Not a big fan of music breaking in on every scene and telling me how to feel. Loved the 3rd episode though. It focused more on "Awsome". It was funny and more like the last seasons episodes. Kind of sick of the "will they - won't they" Sara and Chuck. Just put them together already & have them be a team like in True Lies!
Coming up.......catch up on last seasons "Lost" episodes so I can watch this season. (we had a DVR malfuntion last year and lost all the recorded episodes!! arghh), "Family Guy -Something, Something, Something Dark Side", "Doubt"

What are you watching? What am I missing?

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