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Monday, July 29, 2013

Early Review: The Chocolate Touch (Amour et Chocolat #4) by Laura Florand

16033669Dominique Richard's reputation says it all--wild past, wilder flavors, black leather and smoldering heat. Jaime Corey is hardly the first woman to be drawn to all that dark, delicious danger. Sitting in Dom's opulent chocolaterie in Paris day after day, she lets his decadent creations restore her weary body and spirit, understanding that the man himself is entirely beyond her grasp.
Until he touches her. . .

Chocolate, Dominique understands--from the biting tang of lime-caramel to the most complex infusions of jasmine, lemon-thyme, and cayenne. But this shy, freckled American who sits alone in his salon, quietly sampling his exquisite confections as if she can't get enough of them--enough of him--is something else. She has secrets too, he can tell. Of course if she really knew him, she would run.

Yet once you have spotted your heart's true craving, simply looking is no longer enough. ~ Goodreads

Source: E-Arc provided by the publisher (Kensington) via Netgalley for my honest review.


*SWOON* The Chocolate Touch is hands down my favorite contemporary romance so far of 2013.
Laura Florand has definitely become an auto-buy author for me.They way she writes about food and locals touches all the senses and makes my heart soar at the end of each and every book.

She has outdone herself with The Chocolate Touch. This has become my new favorite book from the Amour et Chocolat series. The characters, the Parisian setting, the romance. Perfection.

Dominique Richard…oh how I wanted to wrap this man up in a hug. He's big and overbearing, as are all of Florand’s heroes, but Dom is also a self described marshmallow. While other chefs command complete order and discipline from their employees, Dom's poke and prod him - making fun of his awkward attempts to woo the mysterious girl that sits quietly in his salon every day.

Jamie feels small and fragile because of a traumatic event in her recent past, yet finds strength and light in Dom's shop eating his chocolates. She sees how confident, sexy women throw themselves at him and knows she will never be that woman.

Feeling like she has nothing to lose by allowing herself to flirt with this beautiful man, Jamie takes chances she would never have allowed herself to take before.

Jamie and Dominique do this beautiful seductive dance around each other, slowly opening their hearts, revealing the inner strengths that they don't even know they have within them.

On the surface they seem so different but they are really two halves of a whole and absolutely complete each other.

This couple…happy sigh…

Final thoughts: I can't wait to buy a final copy of The Chocolate Touch. (I received an e-arc for review) I need to be able to turn to my favorite quotes and scenes…of which there are many! This is what reading good romance is all about.

Author: Website | Twitter | Goodreads
Buy the book! The Chocolate Touch (Amour et Chocolat)

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  1. Awww it sounds sweet and I love sweet

  2. awe this book sounds amazing. Goes to add these books to the pile :)

    1. I think you would really like it Julie. It's so romantic!

  3. I've heard a lot about this book -- the Twittersphere was all a-buzz! Plus, a book set in Paris is definitely swoon-worthy!

    1. This one and The Chocolate Kiss were my favorites from the series. Have chocolate nearby! You will be CRAVING it lol

  4. Oh this sounds... well.. delish! :D Love the title and if it made you swoon and declare it one of the best this year... I must read it.

  5. Now you have me swooning, Karen! I must check this series out!

  6. Anything with the word chocolate in it has my attention. Great review, thanks for the recommendation.

  7. I need this book!!! Romance, Paris and chocolate??
    *runs to Netgalley to see if it's still there*

  8. Need to add to my list, I love contemp romances. I haven't heard much about this one, but for it to be the best you've read this year makes me very cusirous

  9. I haven't heard of this one yet but it looks good! I'll have to give it a go some time soon :) Thanks for the review! Also, it's been a while since I've been by here but may I say that I love your layout design? It's so cool! The reason I haven't been by lately (sorry...) is because I've been working on getting my new blog up and running! Now that it's up you should come check it out! Please?
    Nichole @

  10. Okay so, I have never heard of this author and series before, I must admit. Contemporary romance isn't my forte, but I do occasionally dabble. And any series that has chocolate in the title has my attention. That, and you make this sound damn good!

  11. oh my gosh, this looks adorable! so glad to hear you loved it!

  12. This sounds like a really lovely read!