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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Month of Treats Interview with author Jesse Petersen

Welcome to zombie week!

Julie over at My 5 Monkey's had part one of Living with the Dead series author Jesse Petersen. Today I have part two where I ask Jesse which supernatural creature she would want on her side in battle and more....

This is a really fun series - if you haven't read it yet be sure to check it out!

Eat Slay Love (Living with the Dead #3)
Sarah and David have survived the zombie apocalypse. They stood side by side and fought the undead, mad scientists, and even bionic monsters until the unthinkable happened. A zombie bite. But not even that could stop them. Now, with a possible cure in hand, they're headed east, looking for a safe zone behind the rumored "Wall." They're feeling pretty optimistic.

That is until Dave stops sleeping and starts lifting huge objects.

Eat. Slay. Love.

Because they haven't got a prayer.

Welcome to For What It's Worth Jesse!

Karen: What is your best, worst or funniest costume you've ever worn? (any embarrassing pictures to see?)
Jesse: A couple of years ago I was a dark faerie. Had the black wig and the wings and everything. I liked the costume but every time I turned, I nearly broke stuff all over the party. I was dangerous. Looked for pictures, but couldn't find any. Last year I was a witch for a storytelling thing at the zoo where I volunteered.

Karen: It's the end of the world. Who would prefer to battle against? Witches, zombies, werewolves, vampires or ghosts?
Jesse: Huh, well zombies just keep coming and never surrender, so no zombies. I don't want to be turned into a frog or something, so no wtiches. I'm sort of scared of strange dogs, so no werewolves. And how do you kill a ghost? So I guess vampires.

Karen: What paranormal creature would you want on your side during the battle?
Jesse: If I could control zombies, I'd say zombies. They don't stop, remember, so they're the perfect soldier.

Karen: What is your favorite thing about Halloween and the fall season?
Jesse: Since we moved, I'm looking forward to lovely weather and having it cool enough to go outside and hike and stuff.

Karen: Are you dressing up this year? Do you decorate and go all out for the holiday or do you turn off the lights to pretend you're not home?
This year we are dressing up! Our nephews live in the same town we now do and they're having a party we've been invited to. So Aunt Jesse needs to figure out a cute, not too scary, not too slutty costume. As for giving out candy, I have no idea how active our new neighborhood is, so I guess we'll find out!

Karen: Thanks Jesse for joining Julie and I for our Month of Treats celebration!

Jesse’s life as a writer began when her husband made the brilliant observation that she was much happier writing than doing anything else. So she took the plunge and decided to do that full-time. After many years and many books in different sub-genres, she was bitten by the zombie bug (not a zombie, but the bug) and took off on a zany adventure which culminates in the publication of the “Living With the Dead” series from Orbit.
Find Jesse: Website (take the "How long would your relationship last" zombie quiz), Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads


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Deadline by Mira Grant
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  1. Great interview with Jesse , and loved her answers

  2. My favorite is Hershey's Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bars. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  3. Yeah, having zombies on your side would be pretty cool, if you could control them, but I'm betting that just isn't possible.

    Awesome costume!

  4. I think that my favorite candy would have to the be caramel variety. I'm not sure what they are called exactly but they are little candied versions of heaven! I love them!

  5. My favorite candy is anything chocolate... I always pick the Kit Kats and Reese's cups out of my kids' bags... :)

  6. Jesse's books are different from anything I've read--in my opinion, there can never be too much zombie comedy!

  7. I would sure not want to fight zombies either, they just keep on coming and coming, and coming


    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  9. Mary DeBorde

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cup lover here :D

  10. My all time favorite candy is reese's pieces, but I would never turn away from peanut butter cups either!!

  11. It's gotta be Milky Way dark. I love those, especially the perfect little bite-sized ones.

  12. My favorite Halloween candy are the miniature Abba Zabba's. Chewy taffy with peanut butter inside, love them.

  13. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Halloween! :) I love Hershey's Kisses as candy!

  14. I love everything & anything chocolate.


  15. Zombies are the perfect soldiers! HA! Great interview! :)

  16. You're right..chocolate! :)
    Thanks a lot for the chance.

  17. I like all kinds of sour gums!! yumm and chocolates, all kind fo chocolates too!

  18. the kind of haribo ones not acidilics^^

    thanks for the giveaway

  19. Candy-corn. I don't know anyone else who likes it though so every year I am forced to eat a whole bag all by myself! ;)

  20. We don't celebrate Halloween over here, but I love milk chocolate.

  21. i love twix's and kitcats- we don't have reese's in england, but they must be nice!

  22. my favorite candy is Reeses (any kind of Reeses)

    Jennelle S

  23. I like caramel apples.