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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review: Pushed to the Limit (Limit War series, book2) by Nico Rosso

Pushed To The Limit Teryn Pilander lives in a world of secrets. She is a Shadow Corps operative for the Core Army in the Limit War, trained in espionage. Her latest mission takes her to the planet Viela, drawn by a communication that the local government captured a Dusk Warrior Officer for questioning. More interesting than the message, though, is the voice delivering it. A little shy, but deep and strong, the masculine voice sparks dormant fires in Teryn. She tells herself that once the mission is over, she might put her spy self away for a bit and live a little as a woman.
Drel Kol has secrets of his own. He is the one who sent the message drawing Teryn and her team to his planet. But he was just following orders and led her into a trap. Now, the woman he spoke with could be in grave danger. Her voice alone is enough to ignite a passion he has never known. Yet he's only a technician. Can he fight against his own government and the Dusk to save her? And will the new bond between Teryn and Drel be torn apart when she learns his secret? (Sci-fi Romance)

Pushed to the Limit is the second novella in Nico Rosso's Limit War series. You can read my review for Taken to the Limit here. Although Pushed to the Limit is part of a series, you could easily read book 2 as a stand alone without a problem.

Pushed to the Limit takes place within the same world as Taken to the Limit but had a very different feel to me. Whereas the first novella seemed focused on the developing the Limit War, this book seemed more about the couple, Teryn - a Shadow Corps operative and Drel Kol a technician on the planet Teryn is visiting to interrogate their enemy, a dusk warrior. Teryn is immediately drawn to the voice on the communicator guiding her ship in.

In both of Nico's novellas the emotional connection is made fairly quickly and both times I bought into it, even though it's a premise I don't usually enjoy. I get that this is a novella and there aren't 300 pages to lay a thorough background for every character. Rosso does a good job making us believe in the motivations and actions of Drel Kol and Teryn. Teryn is battle weary and lonely, Drel is shy and has just found out things about his superiors and the war that turn his world upside down.

It took me a little while to get into this story because for some reason I could not warm up to Teryn. She's a smart, kick ass girl and there really isn't anything annoying about her but until she paired up with Drel I had a difficult time connecting with her or to the story. Drel just seemed more relatable to me and helped temper Teryn's abrasive personality.

What I did miss in Pushed to the Limit was the actual Limit War. I really enjoyed reading about it in the previous book and was hoping for more of a progression on that front. I was also looking forward to finding out more about the enemy - the dusk warriors. They sort of remind me of the Borg with their unrelenting pursuit to assimilate all planets. We didn't really learn anything new. The last third is where the the story shifts from romance to kicking ass & the enemy and that was my favorite part.

While I preferred Taken to the Limit, I would still be curious to see where Nico Rosso takes this interesting blend of Sci-Fi, action and romance.

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Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

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