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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Ramblings....

**First up - the second winner of the Cleaning My Shelves Contest! - Merideth M. Congratulations and I'll be emailing you soon. Next winner announced tomorrow and each day until all the books are gone!**

Onto the ramblings.....

Figment and I have been doing battle over my computer desk space for awhile now. For the most part I win. That was until Mr. Cardinal showed up trying to get in the house. He sits just outside the window pecking at the screen driving Figgy nuts! He has trampled over everything on my desk trying to get to that bird so today I do a desk makeover that will work for both of us.
Also, my computer seems to be dying so in a lame attempt to appease the computer gods I'm hoping this will also make my computer hang in there a little longer. *crosses fingers*

Figment "stalking" the bird just before he smashes through my in & out files ... --->
The wrap up:

 YA Roundup: - mini reviews for Geek Girl, Butterface, The Sky Is Everywhere, Pretty Souls

Jennifer Hubbard - Author of The Secret Year

I spotlighted the upcoming RT Booklovers Convention - an amazing 5 day event for booklovers!

Cleaning My Shelves Contest - Ends when I run out of books!

Coming up:
*I'll be reviewing Sean Griswold's Head, Zan-Gah, The Goddess test
*The final two Better Know a Blogger will be featured
*Adding an international only followers contest!

Have a geat Sunday everyone!


  1. Figment looks like my cat Skittles! I will pray to the computer gods for you!

    Are you going to Romantic Times?

  2. If I'm a contest junkie then you're are the Giveaway Queen! :D

    And Figgy is so cute. That Cardinal must be his Tweetie.

    Okay, I'll stop with the comparisons now.

    Hope your puter lasts a little longer too.

  3. What a cutie. Figment I mean. Although I'm sure you're cute too. :)

  4. Just stopping by to say I'm commenting on your blog. :D

    And also, congratulations, Meredith M!

  5. Aw, that's precious! :) He looks so much like my Socrates in the second pic.

  6. Aww...he's such a cutie!!

  7. I use to have a cardinal that would peck at the windows too! Pesky little buggers! What is it with them and windows?