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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BEA - Part two!

For this post I'll show you here are more pictures from BEA

*Huge banner for Jon Stewarts upcoming book Earth!

*Another huge banner - for Debbie Macomber
The stairs were painted with Vlad Tod vampire faces - the Vlad Tod bags were also a big hit! 

*The new title showcase - the Class of 2K10 books were displayed in there.


*These are pictures from the author's breakfast Thursday morning. Jon Stewart was the host with Condaleeza Rice, John Grisham and Mary Roach speaking.
Kind of a huge *squee* moment for me! I LOVE Jon Stewart! I have seen every single episode of the Daily Show! (sorry about the bad lighting)

*Just some random pictures of booths - the one to the right is the Mystery Writers of America booth - everytime I walked by there was different author signing!

*These are the tables - there were about 28 total - I think. The signings were held either at tables or booths. Some of the table signings required tickets for the bigger authors. It got chaotic at all of them - so it didn't really matter which ones you did!

Next up - the author signings and NY pics!

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  1. I did the Children's Author breakfast, but I was tempted by the Adult Author one because I love Jon Stewart, too. Turns out I know now a couple of people who attended the Thursday lunch. Too bad!