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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BEA - Part three! The authors...........

A picture of the baggage area - you can check a bag in and unload your books throughout the day so your're not lugging them around. A MUST if you are staying all day! Cost $3.00 per day.

Of course this was the fun part and what you go to BEA for (oh yea...and the free books)

Tuesday night I ran over to the Class of 2K10 book signing at Books of Wonder. I'm SO glad I did because I got to talk to all of the authors there and I never saw them again at BEA with the exception of Alexandra Diaz and a quick glimpse of Jeri Smith Ready!!

                                           AT BOOKS OF WONDER:
*I finally got to meet Jeri Smith-Ready and she was just as nice as I expected her to be! I already have all her books signed but she took the time to talk to me about her different series - especially The Crow - my favorite. A friend of mine tried to make it to the signing but wasn't able to get there in time and asked me to buy Jeri's books and see if she would sign them. Of course she did - all FOUR books and even tweeted Sherry later. A big *squee* moment for myself and Sherry! *Pic of me meeting Jeri - to the left, Leah Cypess to the right*

*I picked up my 13 to Life book and pins/poster that I won at a charity auction from Shannon Delany. She spent a lot of time talking to each fan and although she didn't have her book, she gave out plenty of signed wolfy swag!

*I found out from Leah Cypess that there will be a companion novel to Mistwood. It will take place in the same world but with different characters - although one from the current novel might make an appearance!
*I got to meet Swati Avashti author of Split - who signed a book plate for me since I already read/reviewed her book - so nice!
*Bonnie Doerr signed a book plate for my nieces copy of Island Sting.
*I met Rhonda Hayter (The Witchy Worries of Abbie Adams), Erica Perl (Vintage Veronica), Janet Fox (Faithful), Jennifer Hubbard (The Secret Year) and Kitty Keswick (Freaksville) - discussed the plot of her next book Furry & Freaked.

*I bought Change of Heart by Shari Maurer & Three Rivers Rising by Jame Richards at B.O.W and had them signed by the authors.

* I met Irene Latham author of Leaving Gee's Bend.....can I just say she is the sweetest southern girl I have ever met!! So adorable!! I wish I could have talked to her a little longer.

*Also finally got to meet Alexandra Diaz - author of Of all the Stupid Things. I won an ARC of her book last year. It was the first book I reviewed and gave away on my blog. We have stayed in touch by email and it was great to meet her. We also were able to catch up again at the end of a very long day at BEA on Thursday. Here's a picture of her book signing at BEA!

I hope I didn't forget anyone!! They were all so kind and generous with their time and everyone remembered my reviews of their books which was pretty surreal for me - a new blogger!

Wednesday & Thursday at BEA:

I couldn't even begin to list all the authors I met! EVERYONE was nice but here are a few that stood out ..........

*Simone Elkeles. I met her three times and now have Leaving Paradise, Return to Paradise and Rules of Attraction signed. She was so sweet and took time to say something nice to every person. Plus at one of her signings she had champagne & chocolate! That definitely earns her brownie points!

*Rachel Vincent - I got My Soul to Keep and Shift signed by her. Her signings were at the Harlequin booth with FOUR other paranormal the same time!! Can you say clusterf**k?? Despite the chaos she was laid back and nice - also very funny. On the second days signing they attempted to be more organized - notice the term "attempted". You don't want to piss off a group of rabid paranormal fans...just sayin...but we (Heather from Darkly Reading and Tori from Book Faery) were ALL over it and had our three books signed by Maria V Snyder, Gena Showalter, and Rachel in under 2 minutes flat!! Rachel admired our strategy and was one of my favorites this BEA!

Here's a picture of the Harlequin booth and Gena Showalter signing (I'm sorry but I don't know the author next to her) There are four authors signing at each time with a theme - paranormal hour for example.
*Jonathan Maberry - My husband scored Patient Zero, The Dragon Factory, and Rot & Ruin - all signed. Very nice - he remembered my husband and signed something unique for each book!
*Brandon Mull author of the children's Fablehaven series. Really took his time talking to you and was great with the kids who were there. He signed a book for my niece and asked where she was from ....wrote a really cute note in her book. Score one for favorite aunt!!
*R.L. Stine - Nice -  Signing Fear - took pictures with all the kids, spent time talking to them!
*Connie Corcoran Wilson - Hellfire and Damnation. VERY nice and wants to establish a relationship with bloggers! So if your a horror fan get in touch with her.
*Konstantinos - Vampires and Werewolves (two different books). Another one for the hubby! This guy is over 6 feet tall with really long black hair - goes with the whole horror thing but shy and very nice. Also got to watch him be fanboy at the Jonathan Maberry signing.
L) Konstantinos (tall dude in black) at Jonathan Maberry signing C) Jonathan Maberry
R) Brandon Mull

Bloggers I met:
Although I know them through our respective blogs and twitter I got to meet in person Heather from Darkly Reading and Tori from Book Faery, Kate from Sit Here and Read, Cat from Beyond Books and a few new people.... Kathrin from Germany at Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic and Jennifer from Bess the Book Bus - a Mobile Litieracy Outreach. I also met more librarians than I can count! Unfortunately most don't visit blogs and they feel there's a void when it comes to Mid-Grade blogs so maybe there's a niche for someone out there! I do a few but not enough.

Next up - NY and I meet a few more friends!!


  1. Karen,

    Great meeting you. Hope you enjoy "Change of Heart!"


  2. It was so great to FINALLY meet you in person! Glad you had a good time at BEA and got to meet so many nice authors.

  3. It waw great to meet so many awesome book bloggers!

  4. It was great meeting you - we made a great HQN crazy author hour team!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! I think I'm def going to try and go next year! Looks like so much fun!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Great recap! Totally agree with you that Jeri Smith-Ready and Rachel Vincent were awesome and oh so nice! So glad I got to meet them both! Great pictures!

  7. Thanks for all the comments! Glad your enjoying all the pictures...yell at me if I start boring you all!

    Heather - we never did get that coffee...was there even time to eat?? but we DID get all those books in under 2 minutes! lol


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