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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review: Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

Lover Mine: A Novel of the Black Dagger BrotherhoodJohn Matthew has come a long way since he was found living among humans, his vampire nature unknown. Taken in by The Brotherhood, no one could guess what his true history was-or his true identity.
Xhex has long steeled herself against the attraction to John Matthew. Until fate intervenes and she discovers that love, like destiny, is inevitable. Adult, Paranormal Romance, UF
John Matthew’s story has been a long time coming. In fact his story really begins in the first book of the series “Dark Lover”. His character has such a rich history to draw from and I was really looking forward to Lover Mine thinking it would be the best book of the series.
This story had so much potential that I was kind of shocked to see it turned into a generic love story. All that past history was set aside for a different back story that was supposed to show how John and Xhex were fated to be together, but all it did was keep taking me out of the present.
I think Xhex and John make a great couple and there were some very touching scenes between them, particularly during one of Xhex’s panic attacks and my favorite scene concerning their shared desire for revenge on Lash. I even found myself crying a few times. Qhuinn and Blay also had a very powerful storyline that had me crying. But both felt like a retread of the other (and better written IMO) brother’s stories, which leads me to my main complaints with this book.

The slang – I know this is her style and I mainly ignore it, but it was so over the top in the first third of this book I found myself laughing…
Next is the sex. Now I’m all for a good sex scene and there were some steamy ones in Lover Mine, but I feel that Ward is relying on them too often as proof of love. I remember the good old days when there were long discussions to go with the sex. Someone is either having sex to overcome their horrible past, having sex with someone else because they can’t have sex with who they want, or taking lots of showers…but not cold if you get my drift…those brothers spend a lot of time in the shower!
Depravity – it seems that at least half of the Brotherhood has either been raped, seen someone raped or their mate has been raped. Every Lesser relies on the act of rape. Now I’m not saying I want all sunshine and happiness ( I happen to love a good dark storyline) and there is a way to write this well (Zsadist’s story for example or John’s early experience in the stairwell) and no doubt it’s an evil act but it feels like it’s the go to behavior to prove someone’s depravity.
Evil bad guys – I do not even once - ever - think the Lesser’s will win. The Omega seems like an idiot who keeps getting bigger idiots to do his dirty work. They are interchangeable. Mr. D, Mr. P,Q,R?? Does it matter anymore?? Lash? Could have been a nice twist there but surprise…sadistic moron. So there is never any tension for me on that front. They are only there to propel the love story, nothing is really at stake. The brothers go out, they fight...they come home.
Too many plots – I can count at least five different stories going on in this book. There are only so many brothers so I understand that she has to write new characters in to continue this series but it’s spreading the plot too thin for me.
That paranormal reality show?? WTF!!??
Maybe my expectations were too high for Lover Mine and that was my problem. I know everyone else really loved this book so once again ….maybe it’s just me. J.R. Ward has written some of my favorite books that I read over & over again – I think she’s the master of this genre but the series does seem to be stretching a little thin with this book.
I have a few more things to say about Lover Mine but they’re spoilery - so I’ll put it after the rating with a warning.

Rating: 2.5 out of 4. There were some well written emotionally brutal scenes – and I like John & Xhex – Tohr made a nice comeback here & I was happy to see a few appearances from Z, but the stories are getting a little to overstretched and repetitive for my taste.

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SPOILER!! Qhuinn and Blay. Now I admit I really wanted them to get together, didn’t happen (yet) - I can live with that. BUT.  I can see how Blay would move on after Qhuinn’s rejections but I can’t believe that he would go for Saxton. He came off as a pretentious ass to me.
Layla – Another virginal Chosen…..been there – done that. They bore me.
The whole thing seems like a new twist on the old Wrath/Marissa, V/Butch storyline and Layla is too much like Cormia and Marrisa to be original for me.

Where was Beth? I thought this would be a great book to draw the brotherhood back together again. Missed opportunity.

Enough about what I think….what did you think of Lover Mine? Last month I started a post to discuss the series so head on over now that Lover Mine is out and tell me if you thought LM was the best - the worst...Discuss the BDB

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  1. Still haven't read it yet, but I have lots of thoughts!

    -OMG, how could her slang now be /over the top/? Is it humanly possible for the weird slang to increase? I had thought not... You feel me, true?
    -Xhex is so unique, and so is JM! I hate to see them become a generiCouple.
    -As for love scenes, they mean nothing if they're happening all the time, and I personally want all the extra talking that you mentioned. It's like having too many actiony fight scenes in a row. They all blend together, and then who cares?
    -Depravity. I'm just about ready to never ever read about rape again. It keeps on happening, or at least being referred to, in these dark stories, and my heart just can't take it.
    -I've said before, I have never once read a section of Lesser POV, and I've missed essentially nothing of the series. These bad guys are never going to win, and it's only once in a blue moon that they can even hurt the good guys in any noticeable way. The biggest challenge our guys face? Their own soul-numbing angst!
    -Paranormal. Reality Show. Does not compute.
    -Quinn I've loved for a while, though he's a jerk. Blay, I'm completely indifferent to. Let him date whoever.
    -Layla's getting a lot of page-time? Rats. I really don't like the Chosen. I could just barely stand Cormia's uber-pureness.

    But I will still read it. The Wharden compels me.

  2. I have less than a hundred pages left of Lover Mine, but thought I'd chime in anyway.

    I actually expected to cruise through this book cause it was just that good (or so I'd heard). Two days max, I thought. It's been four days so far, and I'm dragging through the last 100 pages.

    It's not that JR Ward doesn't have an interesting main tale to tell, cause she does (most of the time). The problem is the multiple story lines for me. Every time she delves into one, I have to force myself to continue reading. A lot of times I don't, which is why it's taking me so long. Just when I get excited about the book, I turn the page and blah, another subplot.

  3. Great review, Karen! You know my view (thanks for the mention) on LM already, but what you may not know is that I actually feel some of your frustration! What happened with the story we've been getting from the beginning? Where was Beth? Or for that matter most of the other Shellans? V and Butch's story *was* told much better and that's why they're still my favorite. As for Lash? Wasted. Perfectly good evil villan brought down to nothing, but a moron. However, this book had way more (IMO) wonderful things to address for me. The Warden's brilliant writing-coming together from years of planned out slave labor. You can really tell she puts a lot of thought in her work. I always believe in the Warden for the why's of things. She has a plan and I have no doubt that by the end, we'll have nothing to fuss over. :)

  4. Tiger - you crack me up!! & yes, there is way more slang in the beginning of this bk. It eases up though after the first third. I think you'll like LM actually. Can't wait to see what you think.

  5. I always thought it might be the cultural differences that kept me from enjoying the way the characters in the book talk. Glad to know its not only that. :-)