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Monday, April 5, 2010

Anyone want to talk about The Black Dagger Brotherhood?

I blathered enough on the contest post - but I have a lot more to say. Anyone else want to talk about the Brotherhood?

What was your favorite book? Who would you like to see featured next?  Who was your favorite H/H?

Share your comments, peeves, loves, hates, best/worst couples.......


  1. LOVE BDB!!!! Have u read jR Wards new series?!?

    lol fave book is well there is 2 of them. Lover Eternal and Lover Awaken. My fave H/H Z and Bella!! I haven't read lover Avenged*MUST though*

  2. Those are my two favorites as well! I was surprised how much I liked Lover Avenged.

    I have read Covet. Didn't love it - but I liked it a lot and I think it will end up being a good series. Love the fallen angels :-)


  3. Girl!!!! Thank you so for your breakdown of how you liked the books, over on the contest post.

    I read the books out of sequence originally, so I read Rhage, Zsadist, Butch, Phury, Wrath, Vishous, then had the first six read by the time Rhev's book came out.

    Wrath--total meh. Maybe I would've like him if I'd read his book first, but after reading the other guys, he just didn't stack up. Beth was okay.

    Rhage--Love! Gotta adore that Hollywood and his inner dragon. Mary's a long-suffering sweetheart, too.

    Zsadist--liked. He's honestly a little too tortured for me, though I liked Bella lots (but you're right--she was so pushy and needy, all "stay with me Z, talk to me Z...)

    Butch--:-D My fav book. I love Butch. He's IRISH, for cryin' out loud. And a cop, and a recovering alkie... Marissa was all right, but it was Butch that I was there to see.

    Vishous--Love, love, love V, and Doc Jane was smart and sassy, but they came together too quickly. And I gotta say the S&M squicked me out badly. Actually causing someone pain? Not sexy, not even remotely.

    Phury--my poor baby! He's been so deprived, and I'm glad he got some happiness, though Cormia was just so weird. Building houses out of what was it..peas and toothpicks? Seems like such a child.

    Rhev--love him, like Elena, but there's so much squick in his book.

    Covet--I think I gave it a C+. Jim was okay, Vin not so much, and as for Marie-Therese, what happened? She used to be this tough beatiful chick who never whined, no matter how hard her life was. Xhex even called her the HBIC of Zero Sum's ladies, and in Covet, she's a weepy mess!

    Book I most want Ward to write: Tohr's. He's been waiting long enough. And maybe I wouldn't mind reading Payne's book, when she gets one.

    Scarcely matters, though...I'm going to buy everything Ward writes, regardless. 'Tis an addiction, I say!

  4. Tiger - Wrath is a big bore on reflection....loved it 1st time around though.

    Z - my weakness is tortured heroes...what can I say ;-)

    Butch - I guess I will have to read that one. I just never really got into him - but I didn't like V either until I read his book.

    V - loved the story except for the S&M - I'm not a big fan of pain, threesomes, or sorry to be crude - butt sex! (sorry)I think I was so prepared to hate this story that my bar was lowered so I enjoyed it.

    Rhage - I love him! Loved the story

    Phury - I liked a lot in the earlier books but by the time she got his story I just wanted him to get over it already and stand up for himself. HA - the peas and toothpicks!! I kind of wish he went with someone tougher.

    Rhev - another that I had low expectations for - and in his case did not enjoy his torture story - a little over the top but I found myself liking him more than I thought..girl was OK. and a barbed penis - ick!

    Covet - didn't love but I think the series might get better now that the set up is out of the way...

    I would love to hear Payne's story you think she would go with Tohr? Who do you think she'll pair the chick who is trained to have sex with everyone but no one ever wants her for anything other than blood?? Can't think of her name...I think it begins with an "L"

  5. Larissa? Layla? I guess I always thought she was too dull for her own story, regardless of who they put her with. I'd love to see Payne and Tohr, because he needs somebody as unlike Wellsie as possible, but then again, I think Ward wants as many books as possible, and if she puts Payne with Tohr, it collapses the possible stories.

    And may I just say that I despise the Scribe Virgin? She waves her hand and fixes everything at the end of every book, but she fixes it in awful ways! Plus, her mythology and characterization have fluctuatd drastically over the course of the series. I'm about fed up with the SV.

    And lesser POV...confession: I have /never/ read the bits with lesser POV, and I've still understood every story just fine.

  6. Tiger - I think it's Layla - boring as hell but she keeps putting her in every book so I assume one of them is going to *sniff* her and want to be w/her and we'll hear how no one has wanted her and she can do amazing sex acts..hehe
    Sometimes I think the SV is just to get the story ended conviently - she may have a bigger role w/ Payne's story though.
    AND - I don't think I've read about any of the bad guys except when it's on a need to know basis to the plot. b.o.r.i.n.g :-)lol I like the brothers and the bad guys seem interchangable. So why do I read the books despite all the you said they are like crack but w/out the nasty side effects! I still think she does this type of thing the better than anyone else!

  7. So true! The interchangeable, barely-menacing bad guys are only there so we can have plot, and we don't much care which plot we're fed, so long as the main couple's progressing nicely.

    Yeah, I could whine about what's wrong with the these books for /hours/, but I still love 'em. :-D

  8. My favorite book has been Z's so far. I do love a tortured hero.

    Butch - I really liked his book, and I didn't find Marissa to be as annoying as a lot of people do.

    Phury-I think this was my least favorite in the series. I was tired of the talking wizard and I just wanted Phury to grow up.

    Rhage -I like him.

    Wrath-He is kind of a blah character for me.

    Vishous-What a bad ass. I liked his story but thought his feelings for Jane appeared too quickly and I didn't really like the ending.

    Rhev-I enjoyed his book. I've always liked him and thought he was such a cool guy. His penis- "eek".

    I can't wait for John Matthew's story. I'm so excited.

    I have Covet but haven't read it. All the reviews have been mixed but I'll try to read it before Lover Mine comes out.

  9. Bookie - IMO, I would wait to read Covet until the next in the series comes out so you could read them together. The first is more of a "set up" kind of story so it might get rolling in the 2nd one. It wasn't bad.....just not great.