For What It's Worth

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday ramblings...............

The contest to get to 45 followers by April 18th has surpassed my expectations! I'm almost there and it only took a few days. The power of Twitter and bloggers! Nothing like a little bribery to get people to follow you :-)
Elsewhere on the blog............
  • You have until tonight at 11:59pm to enter to win The Hurt Locker on DVD & since it's on sale in Blu-ray format you will have that option if you win! ENTER HERE
  • $45 Gift Card to one lucky follower once I reach 45 followers! Click HERE for details.
This week I reviewed:
Coming up:
  •  This week's contest will be a "Pass it on" - a book I've already read but will pass on to someone else to read. You can win both "Fragile" and "Broken" by Shiloh Walker. Check back Monday afternoon.
  • I'll be reviewing Leaving Gee's Bend
Blogger Pick: Check out ninefly's book blog! Gorgeous layout and I realy like her Cover Cravings feature

My picture today is of my own dogs. If you follow me on twitter you know my name there is @teamsheltie. Now you know why! From left to right is Lily, Beau and Indy!
If any of you have pictures of your pets (dogs/cats/birds...whatever) send them to me ( and I'll try to post them on an upcoming Sunday post. If you don't send me anything you will be forced to look at my dogs over...and over again!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Your dogs are beautiful. I have always had shelties. Presently, we have a sweetie who just tunred 2 yrs. old. Love the breed. I will try to get a picture to you. Also, I'll follow you on Twitter.

  2. Thanks! Yes, please send me a picture!

  3. Hello again Karen! Tried to send you a picture of my little sheltie to your e-mail, but I couldn't get it to work. Shall I send it through Twitter? I am smpls on Twitter.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Karen, I am sjmpls. Sorry...I forgot the "j". Anyway, I posted a picture of Jasper. I follow you, so just check you followers. I just love shelties. It is good to have a Twitter person who does too. :)