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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Review: One Day to Fall by Therese Beharrie

Of all the taxis in all of Cape Town, Sophia Roux had to stumble into his.

She should be at her “perfect” sister’s bedside, awaiting the arrival of the newest member of her family. But the thought of spending hours at the hospital with her suffocating relatives has Sophia hailing the first taxi she sees. Only to realise too late that the man at the wheel of her getaway car is the most unpleasant one she’s ever had the misfortune to meet.

Parker Jones, the handsome yet surly driver in question, is used to dealing with baggage of the family variety. And it just so happens he’s in need of temporary escape from his own. Witty banter with a beautiful—if exasperating—woman while chauffeuring her around the city on a gorgeous spring day makes for an ideal break from reality.
But a lot can happen in twenty-four hours: babies can be born, family can reconnect. And maybe the most unlikely pair can fall in love. ~
Source: Library | Library Book Love Challenge book # 3/36

Sophie's, somewhat estranged, sister is in the hospital to have a baby while Parker's mom has just been diagnosed with dementia. Everything comes to a boiling point and they try to escape the hospital and dealing with their issues for at least for one day. They don't have a meet cute - more like a meet dislike on the spot but give as good as they get.

These are two super cranky, pragmatic characters but I adored them. They are both stubborn and ornery, but are caretakers – in their own way though. Neither are the touchy feely type – but the get shit done type, and the years of watching out for their families have taken there toll. They find an odd comfort in their interactions (even if they spend about 80% of their time pissed at the other lol) and are stunned that they both want more.

Tightly focused stories where where the characters are mostly stuck in their own head with their baggage are not usually my jam but Beharrie handled Sophie & Parker's story so well.
Sophie and Parker slowly unpack their pasts, exposing truths about themselves and others - then rebuild themselves back up. It's not always pretty. They lash out, there are more coitus interruptus moments than I can count lol, and they are stubborn as hell but... it works.

I think, for me, it's because they are so honest with themselves once they start putting in the work. And they're always moving forward as characters. One Day to Fall takes place in one day, so each word and action has to count and move the story forward. Having the characters explore Cape Town, South Africa, taking in the sights, helps balance things out to an otherwise introspective story.

There are a few spots that have a slight lag, but overall, she does a great job packing in a lot of character development and issues seamlessly with a believable HEA considering this takes place in one day.


  1. Might be a US thing, but why is she at the hospital just cos her sister is giving birth?

    1. This is in South Africa but is actually why she's so grumpy. She doesn't think she needs to be or want to be there lol

      I wouldn't either haha

  2. I love grumpy characters. Lol. It makes for a fun read.

  3. I will be reading this one this weekend hopefully so I can't wait. The author is SUPER nice!! And I love grouchy characters, they are so entertaining to read.

  4. I have been seeing this one around, and it's been well received. Glad you enjoyed it too. I am always looking for books with different settings, and South Africa is definitely a new one for me.

    1. And they spend the day taking in the sights so that's nice.

  5. So happy to see you enjoyed reading this one and even though it's the type of book you wouldn't usually love it actually worked for you. I loved exploring Cape Town with the characters as well, it kind of makes me want to visit.

  6. LOL oh TWO handfuls. I always enjoy a grouchy character so that could be fun for sure.

  7. Thank you for sharing your review and joining the library love challenge. Keep up the love!